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  • Project Duration: From 1 week to 12 Week(s).
  • Age: 17 Or over can join.
  • Start Dates: All year round with flexible start dates you can choose your own start and finish date. However we recommend you to arrive on Sunday.
  • Accommodation: Volunteer House.
  • Meals: 3 Meals a day (B,L,D) & 24*7 staff support.
  • Volunteer Certificate: Offered after Program completion & references (on request).
  • Volunteer Work: Monday to Friday. Evenings and weekends are free to explore the local area or to enjoy optional Add On Tours offers by us.


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iSpiice Volunteer India program receives volunteers from all corners of the world and from all walks of life. Participants share similar motives for volunteering such as a passion for helping others and the desire to meet like minded people while travelling. Participants are welcomed from the age of 16 and there is no upper age limit. Join individually, as a couple, with a friend or in a group and benefit from the shared experience and wonderful memories of volunteering in India.


→ Student Volunteers

iSpiice programs are a popular choice for undergraduate students and gap year students wishing to gain exposure of international work environments. Develop skills in leadership, planning, team-work and cross cultural communications to compliment current studies and if English is not your first language, take the opportunity to build on English language skills. 

“Volunteering in India with iSPiiCE was more than a service experience- it impacted my perspective on the life that I live. We were welcomed, respected and trusted and I would absolutely return to volunteer if that is where my life takes me.”

Annie Hejny – University of St Thomas, Minnesota, USA  


→ Gap Year Volunteers 

Gap years benefit people when evaluating what is important to them, helping them to make better life decisions, or to develop new skills and broaden horizons. Many people combine gap years with world travel and the best way to incorporate meaningful travel with personal development is to volunteer abroad in new and challenging environments. iSpiice volunteer in India programs offer the opportunity to work alongside people from a mix of cultures and backgrounds.  Most gap year participants take up programs from 8-12 weeks to get the most from the learning opportunity. If you’re considering combining volunteering in India with independent travel we recommend you start off with volunteering. iSpiice meet you at the airport and during your program you will gain a deeper understanding of Indian culture, customs and language than if you were to go it alone. This will further enrich your independent travel experience and you may meet others on the iSpiice program who are travelling afterwards and who are also looking for a travel companion.

“After finishing university I knew that I wanted to experience a totally different culture before being locked into a job, I came across iSpiice, and I am so happy I took the plunge. I would highly recommend iSpiice to anyone considering volunteering in India – especially those travelling alone who are nervous about visiting such a different country! I can guarantee you will be well looked after and have the time of your life, as well as have a positive impact on a community in need of a helping hand. I am itching to get back and am already planning my next trip!”

Laura McClellan – Geography Graduate, UK

→ Career Break Volunteers

More and more people are taking breaks from already established careers; they may have worked for many years in one profession and simply want a break to refresh and give back to others or they have spent shorter periods following a career path and are now testing the waters for a career change.

“My experience with iSpiice changed my life. It opened my eyes and my heart to a world that was so similar to mine, yet so different. I was able to connect with people on a human level and realize that despite our differences on the surface, we are all similar in that we all need healing, assistance, better education and a connection to a community.  It broadened my perspective on my own life, and I came home to the States feeling like I received much more than I gave.  It was also such an honor to be part of a global community of volunteers who were there for the same reason- to be of service and to have fun.  It was well worth all that it took to get there.”

Genevieve Talbott – Health Educator, USA

→ Older Volunteers

With age comes patience and understanding; indispensable qualities when embarking on a volunteer program in an intercultural setting. Participants are placed in programs based on their skills and preferences, be it in teaching or care programs, women’s empowerment or health care. Older volunteers are highly valued by partner institutions for exceptional contributions made in terms of sharing life skills and experiences. 

“I retired from my post of School Business Manager and as I had so much more free time I felt a great need to ‘put something back’, travel and meet new cultures head on. The iSpiice organization ticked all the boxes and with great excitement and some trepidation I flew to India. I was greeted in Delhi by iSpiice staff and from that moment on felt secure in their hands; they were organised, always available for translation, accompanied any journeys I made and gave great advice and support. All my placements in Himachal Pradesh were very interesting, I felt as if my work was making a difference and I (quite unexpectedly) fell in love with the Himalayas and its people. Whenever I traveled I was treated with respect and curiosity. I was accommodated in a wonderful farmhouse with views over the fields and the Himalayas.

Margaret Pilling, UK

→ Teen Volunteers

Volunteering at a younger age promotes understanding of world communities and helps to build tolerant societies. Teen volunteers gain an insight into international development while working in cross cultural teams. Participants on the iSpiice teen volunteer program use their volunteer work towards school credits and find the experience gives them greater insights into possible future career paths. Take this opportunity to help communities in India and while enhancing your resume or university application.

“iSpiice was a great opportunity to teach and learn at the same time. It was beyond rewarding to volunteer in India and give back to a community that was so kind and inviting. iSpiice changed the way I view India and my home country and taught me so many things I couldn’t have learned from a travel guide.”

Madeleine Allen, USA

→ Group Volunteering

Customized programs are available for groups. Groups receive flexibility in start dates, duration’s, volunteer work activities and tours in India. Group volunteering guarantees a personalized and hands-on program to suit your requirements.

I traveled with a group of ten students (as their University Professor) to serve with iSpiice. Upon returning to my university, my supervisor asked me for volunteer in India reviews. I simply replied: “I have returned a different person than when I left.” The staff at iSpiice is simply amazing; they provided for our every need! They were gracious, patient and hospitable. Most of all, they were a fun group of folks to be with. Being 55 I experienced the trip differently from my 20-year old college students, and the staff ensured that all of us grained tremendously and felt engaged. They made certain that we encountered that perfect balance of adventure and support. I simply cannot say enough about this program, the organizational leaders, and the people I worked with in India. I vow to return! 

Review by Barbara Gorski, USA (University of St. Thomas – Minnesota)


Box Hill Institute, Australia

I had the honor and privilege to lead a study tour from Australia to Dharamsala, India in September 2018. My students (from Melbourne), are currently studying Community Services (Social work). The iSpiice program served as placement for the students and was directly related to the community development aspect of their studies. I made contact with iSpiice to discuss this possibility and the abundantly positive reception I received resulted in my instant connection with iSpiice and the astonishing impact their program has upon the local community by encouraging social change and promoting human rights. Upon arrival the the iSpiice volunteer house we were given end to end unwavering support. Given that the trip was linked directly to my students area of study, there were some specifics that needed to be co-ordinated. This was done seamlessly, with absolute professionalism and with sensitive consideration of the needs to the local community. The result was incredible. Each of my students experienced life changing interactions with the individuals they worked with. These individuals came from various backgrounds ranging from women and children living in a slum who have little or no access to education apart form the tutoring provided by iSpiice volunteers to women participating in a women’s empowerment project and finally introducing children in an under resourced local school English and IT skills. This unparalleled experience will inform my students work in community services and community development upon completion of their studies and will serve as an excellent point of reference on their CV’s. I can highly recommend the iSpiice experience as an international study abroad experience for students undertaking studies in any Social Work (or related discipline). Personally, the support i received as a teacher from the iSpiice staff was second to none and I have no hesitation in recommending iSpiice to anyone considering immersive educational opportunities for their students. Thank you iSpiice for everything. You haven’t seen the last of us. 

Review by Kelly Quirk (Box Hill Institute, Australia)

Sari Essec, University of France

Amazing experience, truly one of a kind. We were a group of 18 students around the age of 17-22 from the University of Sari essec, France. We had a choice of going to the school, teaching and playing with the street kids at a local school run by iSpiice Volunteers, and lastly, teaching at government schools some English and math, all very basic, nothing to worry about.

We all of us had a great time. Volunteer house was really good safe, had good food, We also met a few other volunteers who stayed at the house the same time as we did, great opportunity to make connections worldwide!

After volunteering with iSpiice volunteers, iSpiice kept us updated about the kids. We truly feel like we are part of the iSpiice Family. Thank you iSpiice for everything.

Top Types of Volunteer Work in India Which iSpiice offers for International Volunteers in India

We welcome volunteers from all over the world. Volunteer programs runs throughout the year & open for Individuals, High school students, University students, couples, families, seniors over 50 and for groups.

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Volunteer with iSpiice was amazing Experience. Felt very confident in iSpiice, all problems were dealt with, food was great, tours were great, work was organised, people were friendly, accommodation was clean and of good standard. During my stay I met with wonderful people. The group of Volunteers were great and the iSpiice team were incredibly helpful and kind.

Rebecca Spittal, UK
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