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Street Children Volunteer Program in India

Our Approach

Varun Verma founded iSpiice in 2008 when he returned to the villages where he was raised to find little forward development in more than a decade. Disheartened by India’s progress in rural areas and inspired by his years of working in the slums of Mumbai, Delhi and Goa he developed specific educational, well being and community programs to assist the villages in North India.

With the help of international volunteers, iSpiice delivers educational programmes in slums, day care centres, schools and the rural areas of India. On average over 100 children engage in iSpiice programmes per week. Many children have limited or no access to education.

iSpiice is dedicated to partnership work with the communities they work in. Project growth opportunities are identified through consultation with the local community, who are the real experts when it comes to their communities developmental needs. Volunteers are invited to assist iSpiice and the community to meet mutual goals.

iSpiice aim to be flexible in its offerings to support the communities holistic development and also to make the most of volunteers wide range of skills, experiences and abilities.

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