Computer Skills Location: Dharamsala Project Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

In rural India computers are fast replacing paper systems and traditional methods for information storage and communication. Learning computer skills is becoming increasingly important to enable students’ entry to further study and employment; keeping them up to date, in touch and involved.

Teach computer skills to students from primary age to adult lessons. Work with students who have little or no knowledge of computers – teaching things such as switching on the computer, using the mouse, managing different windows or word processing skills. For those students who already have some knowledge of computers – compliment their studies and teach intermediate skills such as internet, email, spread sheets, presentations, printing documents and how to connect with computer devices.

Learning computers is exciting and sometimes challenging for those who have little experience or opportunity to use them. Show students that with regular use, computers are easy and fun and not only used for work purposes but for recreation and as a self-learning tool too.


"I always wanted to go to India so when I had the opportunity to I searched for different volunteer organizations. iSpiice had the best options at a great price so I chose them. I couldn’t have chosen a better organization. The staff are so accommodating and make sure you are comfortable the whole time. The weekend excursions were amazing, the food was delicious and the locals were very friendly.

Volunteering with the children and women was the highlight and I enjoyed the daily schedule with them. A month was way too short and I would love to go back and volunteer again one day. I recommend this organization for anyone wanting a fun, enriching experience. You won’t be disappointed.

Katrina Jansen, Canada

  • Teach independently or with a partner
  • Teach in small independent groups or in schools
  • Teach basic or intermediate IT skills
  • Intermediate level computer skills
  • Enthusiastic and friendly
  • Ability to adapt with fewer resources