Child Care Location: Dharamsala Project Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

Any child psychologist will tell you that the attention and love which a child gets in their early years of life has a great bearing on who the child will turn out to be in the future. In a short time, it has an impact of the child’s health and happiness. A child who is well taken care of regardless of the family background will always be happy and healthy. This is what we aim at providing to the children in India, love and happiness. As a volunteer in India, you have an opportunity to make a difference in their lives, provide care and show them love.

Child care volunteers in India work in the village day care centers. You will be setting up games, teaching songs, playing with them and engaging in other activities like arts and crafts, educational and recreational games, all aimed at developing their art activities and enhancing their social skills and creativity. Our childcare programs provide health check-ups and preschool education to Child Care Programs young people from low-income families in India. We also offer help and support to no less than twenty-one local childcare centres that would struggle to keep going were it not for the assistance of our volunteers and organisation. These are simple tasks but they require dedication and patience. At the end of day one leaves the child care center not only happy but also energized and ready for another day with the children, knowing that they have left a mark on the children, participating in nurturing a well-rounded person.
There is no additional requirement to work as a child care volunteer. If you love children and has the interest to meet new people, you are ready to work as a volunteer. Every day is fun for the volunteers because you will get huge love from the children.


“From the first day until the last trip to Taj Mahal, my experience was perfect. Not knowing what it was going to be like, I could not have expected it to be that good. The staff welcomed me with open hands and hearts. Being surrounded by fascinating people, I felt at home from the first moment. Every day was a new and exciting experience, meeting new and interesting people and seeing rural India. The project managed to find the perfect balance between teaching and helping the Indian community as well as showing you the real and incredible India. I really have to say thank you to all the other volunteers and especially the staff which made my trip so special. I can honestly recommend the project for anyone who wants to volunteer in India.”
Max Poettinger, Austria

  • Set up fun preschool activities
  • Provide care & a safe environment for play
  • Engage positively with the children & be a role model
  • Assist the children at meal times
  • Enjoyment of working with young children
  • Resourcefulness
  • Sense of fun
  • Caring and kind approach