Payment Policy 
1.1 The participant has agreed to pay the applicable program fee in exchange for the selected iSpiice Volunteer Program. 
1.2 An Application Deposit of $200 (US) is payable upon confirmation of booking at least 45 days prior to arrival. Where the booking is made later than 45 days prior to arrival the Application Deposit is required at the time of booking. 
1.3 The remaining balance of the Program Fee is due in Indian Rupees or American dollars cash on the day of arrival. 
1.4 Prices on the website and printed material are subject to change without warning.? Once the Application deposit is received, the Program Fee cost is guaranteed and will not change.

Cancellation and Refund 
2.1 iSpiice reserves the right to cancel the programme in the event of significant operational problems or to reject any individual prior to the program start date.  
2.2 In the unlikely event of this happening, the total monies paid to iSpiice will be refunded in full. iSpiice shall not be responsible for any further liability. 
2.3 If the participant wishes to cancel for any reason this must be set out in writing and sent by email
2.4 Cancellation will be deemed valid when an email notification has been received back from iSpiice. 
2.5 iSpiice incurs substantial planning and administration costs prior to participant arrival. Therefore the Application Deposit is not refunded to the participant. The Application Deposit may however apply to another iSpiice program which must be scheduled within 12 months after cancellation, subject to availability. 
2.6 No portion of the Program fee is refundable if cancellation is received on or after the scheduled program start date. 
2.7 In the event that the participant wishes to discontinue their programme early, there will be no refund and iSpiice will not be responsible for arranging premature return travel in such circumstances.

Changes to Program Start Date 
3.1 iSpiice allow participants to postpone their program start date depending on availability. The Application Deposit may be used for the new program provided it is scheduled within 12 months of the original scheduled date.

Collection and Travel Arrangements 
4.1 Flights are not included in the Program Fee. iSpiice take no responsibility for any event relating to the flights of the participant. 
4.2 Participants are collected at Delhi International airport at a pre agreed time between 12pm Saturday and 2pm Sunday. Participants requiring collection out with these times incur a $50 collection fee. 
4.3 Participants are met by an iSpiice representative who will make themselves known by use of a placard. In the unlikely event that you fail to meet our representative it is the participants responsibility to call 0980 501 998 to arrange a meeting point. 
4.4 At the end of your placement participants are transported back to Delhi International Airport. 
4.5 Should participants cancel their program early iSpiice is not responsible for their return travel arrangements. 
4.6 iSpiice will provide all transfers to and from work areas. 
4.7 iSpiice offer three excursions as part of the program for placements lasting 4 weeks or more. For 2 and 3 week placements two excursions are provided only. 
4.8 If due to unforeseen or special circumstances iSpiice are unable to provide excursions to the stated destinations an excursion of equal or greater value will be offered in its place as selected by iSpiice.

Participant Behaviour 
5.1 iSpiice reserves the right to release the participant from the programme with no refund should the participant be found to have partaken in illegal activities, including illegal drug taking, abusive behaviour. Volunteers agree to follow the rules and directives set out by iSpiice and its affiliates and the policies of the community in which they volunteer. ?iSpiice will not arrange the transfer of the participant to Delhi circumstances of non compliance of these rules.

Limitation of Liability 
6.1 iSpiice Volunteer is not responsible for the loss or damage to property, personal injury, accident, illness, delay or expense sustained by the participant while taking part in our programs. 
6.2 Volunteers must purchase comprehensive travel insurance cover to participate in an iSpiice Volunteer Program.