Volunteer in India with iSpiice and make the first move towards lending your hand and heart to improving the lives women and children in rural Indian communities. We offer Numerous Volunteer Opportunities in India and make sure that all our volunteers get to experience a comfortable volunteering experience in India. We appreciate your interest in volunteering in India. We are glad that you have chosen to volunteer in India with iSpiice.

Volunteering in India will be a life-changing activity, one that will transform you, making a better person, one who appreciates diversity and respects all despite their circumstances. Right from the first to the last day as a volunteer in India, iSpiice will be there for you to ensure your stay in the country is enjoyable. Upon arrival in New Delhi Airport, there will be iSpiice coordinator to welcome you to India. iSpiice is committed to ensuring that your volunteer period starts and ends well through offering services that will make it smoothly. You may be far away from home but the organization will do everything possible to give you a home away from home.

Our aim is to bring people together from all around the globe to contribute towards the Indian Community that is much in need. We have partnerships with established and respected local institutions who have expertise in defining the community’s needs. Our assistance helps to achieve our shared goals better than we would be able to do alone. With our unique combination of volunteering, cultural immersion and excursions, we offer volunteer and travel programs like no other. Our programs are open to anyone with the drive and passion to help the local community in India. In return for your dedication and skills, we will help you to realize the goals you have during your volunteer experience.

Volunteer Opportunities in India for Individuals, Groups, Couples & Students

Volunteer programs run from 2 to 12 weeks and available all year.Volunteering work in IndiaWe welcome individuals and groups, including students and those on their gap year. Our projects have a number of roles and activities available, including:  Volunteering in India with iSpiice gives you the opportunities to combine your volunteering and travel activities in India. We offer optional add on tours to world famous sites, including a Himalayan trek, the Taj Mahal, Agra, Jaipur and a trip to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Volunteering in India is not only a beautiful experience for the people offering their services but it is an exposure that leaves the children better than before.Browse the website and download the information pack to find out more about volunteering with India through iSpiice and how to get started. Watch testimonials from past volunteers so you can see for yourself how volunteering with iSpiice can change your life, and change the lives of local people in India too. When you are ready to book your place, you can apply online, giving us your available dates and which volunteer activities you would like to participate in.



iSpiice Volunteer India Program give you the opportunity to combine your volunteering activities with travel in India. We offer weekend excursions to world famous sites, including a Himalayan trek, the Taj Mahal, Agra and a trip to the Golden Temple in Amritsar and more.

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Coma "My 3 weeks volunteering abroad in India with iSpiice were more than anything I could have imagined. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wishing to volunteer abroad. The variety of volunteer workshops/programs balanced well with free time allowing me to explore and soak up the local community and culture. It was one of the best experiences of my life with so many great memories for me to remember. The Indian women and children I worked with were absolutely beautiful, they were all so warm and welcoming. I was able to become immersed in authentic Indian culture and community. iSpiice provided me with an enriching experience of a lifetime that I shall never forget.’ During my volunteering program I completely felt safe. Although not necessary I would suggest volunteers learn a few Hindi phrases before arrival."Kristyn Brisnehan, USA


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