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Street Children Volunteer Program in India

About us

iSpiice is a volunteer organization in India which is registered by government of India.(Registration Number : U93000HP2010PTC031481) iSpiice organization was established in 2008 and later registered as a social enterprise to provide combined volunteer programs to people from all corners of the world. Varun Verma founded iSpiice when he returned to the villages where he was raised to find little forward development in more than a decade. Disheartened by India’s progress in rural areas and inspired by his years of working in the slums of Mumbai, Delhi and Goa he developed specific educational, well being and community programs to assist the villages in North India.

iSpiice aim to address inequalities in the provision of education and healthcare in rural India and to tackle gender discrimination through empowerment. iSpiice take a holistic approach to community development by involving the different affected groups (women, children, parents, local staff, community members) in program development.

iSpiice are set up to offer volunteers the chance for experiencing life in rural India, which would otherwise be inaccessible and to act as a platform for meaningful cultural exchange. iSpiice volunteer abroad programs are unique and they offer volunteers extraordinary excursions during weekend free time to complete your volunteer trip to India.

iSpiice volunteering are a non-political, non-religious voluntary development organization and objectives are met through sustainable community projects. iSpiice projects are designed to generate access and growth opportunities for communities in need. Volunteer assistance is necessary to facilitate these projects and the dedication, enthusiasm and range of talents and abilities volunteers bring are key to the program’s success.

Our Approach

iSpiice was set up to assist children’s education in India and to provide volunteers with meaningful travel opportunities in India. iSpiice has since moved into gender issues, improving the lives of women in rural India and improving access to health care for all.

Project growth opportunities are identified by taking counsel from locals who are the real experts when it comes to the communities’ development needs. After discussion with local staff, partner institutions and local community members a project plan is devised and iSpiice volunteers are invited to help meet mutual goals.

iSpiice aim to be flexible in its offerings to support the communities holistic development and also to make the most of volunteers wide range of skills, experiences and abilities.

Our Mission

iSpiice endeavor to directly contribute to the sustainable development of rural Indian communities and to provide our volunteers with meaningful and socially responsible opportunities for travel, service and cultural exchange. iSpiice are always ready to assist the local community in practical ways and we aim to be flexible in the support we offer to meet specific needs within the community.

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