Renovations Location: Dharamsala Project Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

If you have a passion for creativity, use the opportunity to create bright and cheerful learning spaces for children in the village day care centers as well as in the schools.

With various renovations being undertaken in the institutions regularly you will not only help the institutions save money but will also be teaching and introducing new building skills to the locals. It is an opportunity to practice what you known about building and construction.

You will have contributed in making learning facilities and day care center environments where children can learn and stay comfortably. All the materials which are required for this work will be provided by iSpiice, as a volunteer you will only bring your skills to the field and make a difference in the children’s learning institutions.

Making clean the school campus, doing the paints in lower walls, etc. are some common projects. You will love the smile of teachers and students once you are done with these projects.

Schools and childcare centres are essential places for Indian children to learn and increase their life prospects. The issue is that there isn’t much funding available for repair or renovation work. iSpiice runs programs that require volunteers who clean those buildings and give them a new lick of paint. That helps to create a safe and secure environment where young people can excel.


"iSpiice is an amazing organization located in Dharamsala, India. It’s a beautiful rural town up in the Himalayas, and it is run by the greatest group of men who want the best for the people of India. Both times I’ve volunteered there have been life-changing.

I spent the month of June teaching English to a group of 9th graders in the morning, renovating daycares in the afternoons, and spending time with families in a nearby community in the evenings. If you’re looking to experience India in the best way possible, contact iSpiice!"
Leihla, Wachlin, USA

  • Clean and clear Day Care Centres
  • Lay down a few coats of white paint
  • Pencil child friendly designs on walls
  • Fill your drawings with colourful paint
  • Team worker
  • Creative flair is helpful
  • Willingness to get stuck in and get hands dirty!