Gap Year Programs In India Location: Dharamsala Project Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

Gap Year in India.

Working in India as a volunteer is a fantastic way to make the most of your gap year and see the world. While India is a thriving nation that’s growing every single year, there are many impoverished women and young people who benefit from the programs iSpiice provides.

Anyone who chooses to take part in our educationalGap Year in India, health-related, and community activities will offer local Indian people a helping hand while also expanding their horizons and learning about new cultures.

Lots of students decide to travel the world during their gap year in the hope of finding themselves. At iSpiice, we believe that giving something back and helping those less fortunate is an excellent way to discover new passions and interests while making a real change in the lives of poor people. You don’t need any specific experience or qualifications to take part as our coordinators will work with you to determine where your talents will have the most impact.

iSpiice understands that you’ll want to see the sights and take in your surroundings when engaging in one of our volunteering opportunities. That is why we also arrange add-on tours that anyone can enjoy when they want to take a break and see the wonders of this stunning nation.

Some of our most popular Gap Year tours in India include.

The Taj Mahal trip, Jaipur, Trekking in the Himalayas, Golden Temple and Manali Adventure Tour. If you like the idea of using your gap year to make a difference in the world, just consider some of the programs listed below. Try to keep your career goals in mind and remember to select something about which you feel passionate. iSpiice works hard to ensure all volunteers have the best experience possible, and you can always contact our team for more information if you’re unsure.

All Gap Year Volunteer Programs in India are listed below.

Each of those programs is designed to assist women and children. Your contribution could help to provide a lifeline and many opportunities to people who want to improve their lives and prospects. Teaching the English language and basic computer skills could result in many excellent things for some of the most poverty-stricken children in India. Renovating schools and old centres will also ensure the local people get the best possible chances in life.

What’s it like for volunteers?

Based on the skills they bring to the table, volunteers will contribute to our programs in many different ways. Each individual will receive their schedule that determines which jobs they need to complete, and the time frame they need to meet. Our iSpiice coordinators are on hand to offer support and guidance at all times, and volunteers use our iSpiice volunteer house as their base. Staff will drive you out to different local towns and communities to engage in your work, and they are here to ensure your experience goes off without a hitch.

Most volunteers will work for around five hours each day on a maximum of two different programs. iSpiice team members will assist with any problems or issues that might arise as they have a wealth of experience and local knowledge in these parts of India. During the weekend, you are free to engage in any activities or pastimes you like, but there are plenty of optional tours available to nearby places of interest. Volunteers who want to take in the sights and visit some of the most impressive architecture will get ample opportunities to do so. From hidden temples to popular tourist destinations, there is something for everyone.

Are there any requirements?

While iSpiice volunteer opportunities are open to almost anyone regardless of background or qualifications, we ask that our candidates meet the following criteria. You must have:

  • A good command of the English Language.
  • Excellent planning and organisational skills.
  • An enthusiastic manner.
  • Cultural sensitivity.
  • The motivation and will to succeed and make a difference.

If you’re planning to travel during your gap year, iSpiice can help to ensure you use the time wisely and find many new and exciting experiences. Don’t hesitate when it comes to getting in touch with our team and setting the wheels in motion. Start making your arrangements right now and choose iSpiice as your volunteering partner. Our programs offer young people and women in India many opportunities to learn and better themselves, and we’d love to have you on board for the ride. Sometimes you have to give something back if you want to find yourself. Download iSpiice Volunteer Information booklet for an overview of all the details you need during Gap year India Placement.

Gap Year in India – Volunteer Review by Madeleine Allen, USA

Gap Year India

I can honestly say I have never felt more cared for in my life than in my time at iSpiice during my gap year in India. The staff have exactly the right balance between what a Western tourist needs, and immersing them in Indian culture so they feel absolutely at home and not like a tourist at all. I felt safe and comfortable at all times in a country so different to anything I had experienced before. The kindness of Indian people has to be experienced to be believed, those at iSpiice in particular.

I came away with a new sense of how good people can be, as well as a tummy stuffed full of the best food I’ve eaten (and pounds lighter, could there be a better place??) How to have the best of all possible worlds, travelling while feeling at home, the most wonderful scenery with plenty of time to see it around worthwhile work that benefits a community unlike any other you’re likely to have experienced, and shopping until you drop. I would go back tomorrow if I were able to do so, and stay longer this time to experience more of the seasons.


My stay in India with ispiice has been incredible. I've always wanted to visit this amazing country and doing it through ispiice has enabled me to live one of the best experiences of my life. I have learned so much, lived great experiences, have met wonderful people and most importantly it has helped me discover a bit more of myself. The volunteer programs offered are very good, you feel you can really help out and give a bit of your time and knowledge to help others. For me being with the slum kids was definitely my favorite part, seeing them smile, taking care of them and feeling they needed you. Words can't explain how amazing it is. ispiice provides very good food, a nice place to stay right next to the mountains, continuous support and safety, a good laugh with very nice people and specially they make you feel at home. Thank you for everything. Lots of love, RocioRocio, Spain

  • Teach independently or with a partner
  • Work in schools, community groups or one-to-one
  • Be a role model for the children
  • Raise awareness of the need for regular schooling
  • Proficiency in English language
  • Organised and good planner
  • Enthusiastic
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Highlights

    - Landing in a new country is exhilarating but it can also be a little unnerving; with this in mind, volunteers are collected from Delhi International airport at their time of arrival in India, transfer to Hotel in Delhi and then to Dharamsala (Project Location) with iSpiice staff member.

    - iSpiice Dharamsala program is available year-round, starting on every Sunday.

    - iSpiice also offers meaningful travel opportunities in India, including optional week end add-on tours while volunteering to world's famous sites such as Taj Mahal tour, Himalayan Trekking tour, Adventure Tour in Manali, Jaipur and a 2-day tour visiting Golden Temple in Amritsar.

    - Partake in volunteer opportunities in India for Individuals, Groups, Couples & Students.

    - We’re close to Dharamsala town and McLeod Ganj town which is a home of Dalai Lama – he gives public teachings at his temple in McLeod Ganj throughout the year.

    - Explore a piece of the vibrant, historic Himachali culture by getting to know the people, the food, and the language of a hill station in the Himalayas.

    - Three times meals per day and free wi-fi at iSpiice volunteer house.

    - Visit to the local tourist sights including tickets– India’s oldest fort, Norbulinga Buddhist Monastery and Kangra Tea Gardens.

    - Certificate of service as a reference for your future volunteer programs.

    - Morning or Evening yoga classes (in English) 2 times per week and much more.

  • Safety of Volunteers

    Safety is a priority at iSpiice. We understand that it is often peoples first time visiting India and with this in mind volunteers are collected from the Delhi International airport at their time of arrival in India. The program coordinators are always ready to help and give helpful safety tips. During the first day of the orientation, you will be given safety guidelines and will be informed about do's and dont's. iSpiice take care of all in country travel arrangements and weekend excursions to Agra (TajMahal), Jaipur, Amritsar (Golden Temple) and Himalayan trekking are escorted by iSpiice staff. As with travel to any new country, safety does require some attention for example volunteers should take care of personal belongings and stay with the group when on day trips and excursions.

  • Our Services to Volunteers

    - Meet & Greet at New Delhi Airport, transfer to, and one night stay at the Hotel in Delhi.

    - Pre Departure Information Kit, which has all information regarding your program, work area information, things to bring, immunizations details and welcome details in Delhi Airport.

    - Transfer by bus or train from Delhi to Dharamsala, with an iSpiice staff member.

    - Program briefing and Hindi lessons on arrival at the iSpiice house.

    - Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared freshly and hygienically by iSpiice’s talented Indian chef. Filtered purified water is also supplied at the volunteer house.

    - Accommodation at the iSpiice volunteer house, with separate male and female bedrooms and bathrooms (with hot water and western toilets).

    - Daily private car transfers (to and from work placements) by iSpiice’s drivers.

    - Morning or Evening yoga classes (in English) by a local yoga instructor, 2 times per week.

    - Visit to the local tourist sights including tickets– India’s oldest fort, Norbulinga Buddhist Monastery and Kangra Tea Gardens.

    - Use of iSpiice computer and internet for work preparation and leisure. (Wi-Fi)

    - Material required for volunteer work such as teacher’s workbooks, pens, paper and children’s stories – you may wish to bring educational supplies from your home country.

    - Assistance with booking a return trip to Delhi, if you are not doing the Taj Mahal tour or Jaipur tour which includes drop off in Delhi airport.

    - Certificate of service as a reference for your future volunteer programs.

    - Friendship from the wonderful iSpiice team, fellow volunteers and the local community.

    - 24 hour support from the iSpiice team for all kinds of enquiries, questions and onward travel plans.

    - And most importantly – a donation to the community for educational supplies, basic food supplies, school renovation supplies and help iSpiice sponsor local children to get an education.

  • Duration

    iSpiice volunteer programs are available for 2-12 week duration's however we welcome volunteers who wish to extend the volunteer period beyond the pre-determined 2 weeks to 12 weeks options. The program starts on every Sunday, which are joined by participants from many countries.

  • Skills & Education Requirements

    There are no specific educational requirements for our programs (except those in health care) and anyone with a heart to help is welcome! Proficiency in English is required and volunteers should be patient, committed and willing to learn. In order to join the program you need to be at least 16 years old on the program start date.

  • Location

    Our Indian Program is located in Dharamsala, in the Kangra Valley district of Himachal Pradesh. Dharamsala is a famed tourist destination offering magnificent views of the snow covered Dhauladhar peaks, pine forests and tea gardens. Full of life yet also peaceful, Dharamsala offers the perfect destination for volunteer work in India. And not surprisingly, His Holiness the Dalai Lama holds residency in the area.The region, despite its natural beauty is cut off from main stream development and is in much need of developmental assistance in both materials and human form. The rural communities we assist are set in the green valleys at the foothills of the Himalayas and the family background of the children are mixed, with many coming from farming communities in these areas.Arriving in Himachal Pradesh is like stepping into another world. With its remarkable natural beauty, breathtaking scenery, serene natural environment and friendly, beautiful people; many wonderful and rewarding experiences and exciting adventures await and during your placement iSpiice will ensure your involvement is both memorable and enjoyable.

  • Work Commitment

    Work occurs each day in the morning and afternoon with a break in between at iSpiice camp to take lunch and prepare afternoon lessons. Typically iSpiice volunteers work for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. Evenings and weekends are free, however if volunteers wish to take up extra curricular activities optional workshops are arranged for groups of older children with a focus on English, basic IT skills, or other educational/creative subjects of interest as appropriate. Following afternoon work activities volunteers may also take up renovation and decoration of their various work places in schools or daycare centers, this would involve mostly clearing, cleaning, white wash and decorative painting.

    During the week your days at iSpiice will for the most parts, follow this schedule: 7:30 am – Wake up and enjoy a chai.

    7:30am – Wake up and enjoy a chai.

    7:45am – Yoga class (60 minutes) two times in a week.

    9:00am – Breakfast and preparation for your class.

    10:30pm – Program 1 (2 hours)

    12:45pm – Break for lunch and preparation for class.

    2:30pm – Afternoon chai and preparation for class.

    3:00pm – Program 2 ( 2 hours)

    7:00pm – Dinner

    7:30pm – Relax, go shopping, prepare for tomorrow’s classes

    * iSpiice volunteers will have weekends free and time available to participate in Add On Tours.

  • Flights

    Flights are not included in a program fee and should be arranged to arrive at Delhi airport on the fixed Sunday start date between 12:00 am (midnight) and up to 02:00 pm Sunday afternoon. Depending on the arrival time, you will be picked up by our iSpiice representative and escorted to the hotel in Delhi. Return flights should be booked for the Sunday end date of your program any time after 2:00 am (early morning). Further clarification shall be available upon booking. Once your flights have been booked, please contact: and let us know the following: Delhi arrival date: Delhi arrival time: Flight number: Travel insurance policy number:

  • Insurance

    Insurance is not included in the price of your volunteer program, due to individual preference of cover. Insurance cover should be adequate for the nature and duration of your trip. All insurance cover details should be submitted to iSpiice for our records at least 1 week prior to departure. All travelers should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic at least 4 - 6 weeks prior to departure.

  • Arrival in Delhi

    Before Arrival • Read all guideline Information and have it with you for easy reference. • Ensure your visa and passport are in order and that you have received the necessary immunisations. • Change some money (about $100) to Indian rupees and inform your bank that you will be travelling to India to enable ATM cash withdrawals. On Arrival Depending on your flight arrival time, you will be met at the arrivals lounge of Delhi airport, by our iSpiice representative displaying an iSpiice placard. We will be keeping track of your estimated time of arrival so don’t worry if your flight is early or delayed; we will still be there to meet you when you arrive! As extra reassurance here is the number to call in case of an emergency – 09805401998. • Once collection has been made you will be taken to the hotel in Delhi and depending on your arrival time, you will sleep overnight or rest before departure to iSpiice program location on the Sunday start date. Please note that you may be sharing your hotel room with a fellow volunteer. • Further clarification of arrival details is available upon booking.

  • Accommodation

    All accommodations are included the program fee and volunteers occupy shared rooms and bathrooms. While allowing for personal space, iSpiice base camp comprises a large communal and recreational area for volunteers to prepare lesson plans, watch movies and relax. On Friday evenings volunteers often congregate here to enjoy a beer and unwind after the working week.

  • Meals

    Three meals per day are provided at iSpiice base camp, breakfast, lunch and dinner and kitchen facilities may be used for making snacks and tea/coffee.One or two vegetarian dishes along with rice or flat bread would be a typical evening dinner, with the self-service method allowing for individual choice. Whilst using Indian flavors in the cooking, iSpiice will not make dishes too spicy. Additional chilies are available for those who do like it hot! Volunteers should notify iSpiice upon booking if they have any special dietary requirements. Specific dishes and ingredients can be discussed with the manager and chef upon arrival.Dining outside of the iSpiice arrangements is not included in the package, but volunteers are able to visit local restaurants at their own choice and the meal charges are relatively cheap.

  • Access to Services


    Before departure set up roaming on your mobile phone to enable international calls. Alternatively after arrival you can purchase an Indian SIM card, you will need 2 passport sized photos and a copy of your passport and Indian visa and call rates are much lower than in other countries. Local internet cafes provide international phone call services.


    Internet facilities (Wi–Fi) are available at iSpiice base camp and internet cafes located nearby. These will also be useful for help with lesson planning.

    ATM (cash machines):

    ATM machines are available in all visited locations throughout your project. Food in house, accommodation and general transfers are included in the cost of your program however you will need some additional spending money for personal expenses and the occasional restaurant meal. ATMs are the most convenient way to access funds throughout your stay.