Tips to Keep You Safe as you are Volunteering in India.

Tips to Keep You Safe as you are Volunteering in India.

To be safe as you volunteer is very important. You are there to help others, not to become a victim. That is why you must create awareness of certain things before you travel. The following tips are meant to keep you safe as you are volunteering in India. We are sure that these information is going to be of most help. You will be prepared to appreciate their religions and culture, as you get involved with a volunteering program.

Cultural Differences.

The first thing to be aware of is that there are important cultural differences in India compared to the place you are coming from. The best is to get to know their culture in advance, so that you do not behave in ways that are not accepted in India.

The most common issues are coming from misunderstandings related to the different cultural backgrounds of volunteers. Here are some tips that will help you to overcome any issue:

  • Eating with your left hand is considered rude.
  • Nudity is not culturally accepted, and it is banned by law.
  • Public affection is not something generally accepted in India.
  • Smoking is prohibited in public places.

Take these simple statements as rules, and you will be safe of misbehaving.

Religious Practices.

The most people in India are Hinduists (around 80%), but there is also a high amount of Islamic people (around 14%). These percentages may change in certain regions. Get to know some generals about these two religious practices. That will give you awareness of their beliefs, and you will enjoy more of your touristic experience in India.

To be safe when it comes to religion while you are in India, we recommend you to:

  • Always ask if you can take pictures when you are at a place of worship.
  • Have your head covered any time you get into a place of worship.

You must be aware that there is a lot of respect to worship places. Some places do not allow tourists to take pictures. If you do it, you can offend the locals unintentionally. Be attentive, since some places have signs. If you find not sign, then the best course of action is to ask before you offend someone.

The Laws in India.

India is a diverse country. There is a complex civic system in place, with laws that change from place to place. Explaining them in few lines is nearly impossible. However, there are general tips you can follow at all places. No matter where you travel, make sure you:

  • Always keep your passport at hand to identify yourself.
  • Get a backup of your personal ID (photocopies) and put them on a safe place at your host home.
  • Verify what is the legal age for drinking. It ranges between 18 and 25 years. There are places in which alcohol is banned.

Smoking laws change from one place to another. Everything else is common sense.

Security Concerns.

Volunteering is usually developed under a safe environment. However, that doesn’t mean you will not be exposed to the security concerns in India. Criminality rates are high, and that is something that should not be unnoticed.

The following tips are meant to reinforce your regular safety precautions. We are sure that you will eliminate most risks by following these advice:

  • Always travel in groups, particularly at night. If you are a woman, the risks are higher than for men, and you should put special attention to this advice.
  • Go for a prepaid taxi option instead of a street and unknown taxi.
  • Taxis are all marked properly. Do not use private services unless they are booked for you by the organizers of the volunteer program or by the hotel.

As you can see, there is nothing new on these advice’s. They are standard of any place you go. Do not forget to protect yourself at all times.

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