5 Reasons You Should Take a Gap Year In India









5 Reasons You Should Take a Gap Year In India.

A gap year in India is a great way to refresh before your first undergraduate or graduate term.

India even came in at #11 in a recent study that revealed the top countries with the fastest growing tourism rates.

It’s clear that backpackers, families, and travel aficionados love visiting India, but what makes this country uniquely beneficial for students?

That’s what we wanted to know.  So we headed out to find the top 5 reasons why you have to spend your academic year off in India.

India Is Ideal For Student-Friendly Budgets.

We don’t have to tell you how expensive traveling can be. That’s why so many students end up skipping gap years altogether.

However, traveling in India is different. It’s not nearly as expensive as traveling through Europe for example.

So why is it so cheap to travel through India?

For starters, one Indian Rupee equals 0.015 of an American dollar, making the exchange rate more than 66.

To top it off, you can easily score cheap lodging, delicious inexpensive food, impressive keepsakes for friends, and more enriching experiences for less money.

Enjoy Amazing Street Food.

Since your dollar goes a long way in India, you can afford to gorge on some delicious Indian cuisine during your gap year.

During your stay, make sure to check out the following signature street foods:

  • Aloo Tikki
  • Kachori
  • Chloe Bhature
  • Litti Chokha
  • Momos
  • Dabeli

For dessert, stay on the lookout for such favorites as milk or rice pudding, goan coconut cake, Bengali milk sweets, and strawberry lassi.

Hit Up The Beach During Your Gap Year In India.

India is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which is why they’re coming in at #3 on our list.

Whether you want to catch some waves or catch up on your summer reading list, the following destinations are perfect for beach going:

  • Varkala and Palolem are both known for their gorgeous views.
  • Gokarna is ideal if you’re looking for a more secluded, private experience.
  • Tarkali beach is a top spot for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Nicobar Island’s beaches are ideal for remote area seekers.

Probably the most action-packed beach in India is Baga beach. There, you can take dolphin tours, go water skiing, go club hopping, and frequent delicious restaurants right on the beach too.

Breathtaking Landmarks & Architecture.

Almost everyone who visits India comes back raving about the architecture and landmarks.

India is home to dozens of breathtaking landmarks that you have to see for yourself to appreciate.

While enjoying your gap year in India, make sure to check out the following must-see landmarks and buildings:

  • Taj Mahal
  • Amber Fort and Palace
  • Golden Temple in Amritsar
  • Qutab Minar in Delhi
  • Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai
  • Humayan’s Tomb

We also suggest all the activities you can do on the Ganges River, like rafting, relaxing on the ghats, yoga, meditation, and boating.

Enriching Museums & More.

There is no better way to stay educated during a gap year in India than to visit the many museums at your disposal.

Visiting the following museums is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to India’s history and many artifacts:

  • The National Museum in New Delhi
  • Indian Museum in Kolkata
  • National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi
  • Archaeological Survey of India
  • Allahabad Museum

Another good way to educate yourself in India is to book a tour and learn about India’s vibrant history from a knowledgeable guide. You can also sign up for volunteering in India projects to experience a first-hand look at life in India as well.

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