9 steps to executing your dream volunteer program.

9 steps to executing your dream volunteer programs in India.

You want to impact the world in a way that is important to you. You want to make your cause be known and recognized enough to be worked upon. But how exactly will you do that? Below is a list of points that will help you with not just the planning part but also the execution part of a meaningful volunteer cause. While also painting a clearer picture for you, it will also help you attract investors and keep them interested.

Create a plan.

Before involving others into your cause, you need to answer some questions for yourself. For instance, what is it that you want your organization to achieve? Why do you wish to do it? How will you do it? When should you begin your work? How much will the execution of it all cost? Who will benefit from our work? These are questions that you need to answer first, and then proceed with the rest of the steps.

Determine what you plan to do in details.

You developed a rough idea of the purpose of your organization in the planner, but now it is time to think over it in details. What do you want the scope of your organization to be?  Which sector do you wish to serve?

Prepare a brief for the other people that you will meet with to introduce your organization to, and do not leave anything ambiguous. Try to stay away from either programs that huge and reputable organizations are already conducting, or the regions that they are conducting them in.

Why do you wish to do it?

It is time to answer the second question in detail now. Your cause may have grabbed the attention of potential investors, but now they are curious to know the real reason behind why you wish to do it. Be truthful and do not leave any misunderstandings behind, for it could cost a loss in investment.

Your want and need to help others should come from a place of compassion towards others. The more emotionally invested you are in the project, the more effort you will put in, and the greater the outcomes will be.

How will you achieve your goals?

Establish how you will achieve your organizations goals. Write down an action plan, and make it as realistic and applicable as possible. Keep all factors that could possibly alter your course of plan in mind and then determine the right one. Do some research on the methods that have helped others achieve the same goal as you, set benchmarks, and then develop your course of action accordingly.

When will you get started?

After determining what you need to accomplish and you plan to do so, it is time to think of the timeframe that you will be giving yourself to achieve said goals. When determining this step of the process, keep in mind the methodology that you will use to execute this plan and be realistic towards the amount of time that it will take. Do not keep your hopes too high, but do not keep them so low that investors find it too time consuming and think that their money will go to waste.

How much will it cost?

You should not get yourself involved in a volunteer program that will leave you bankrupt. That not only does not make sense, but it will also end with leaving you the one in need of help of others instead of you helping others. While sometimes a good investment is required for the execution of the right plan, keep in mind that it does not have to drain your pockets. State your financial status clearly to those willing to invest, so that a realistic picture of the needs can be drawn. This will also give you an idea of how much to ask for. Not a single penny should go to waste, and every cash inflow should be purposeful.

Who will it affect?

Think about who your plan will affect. In a broader sense of things, will it affect the nature? The wildlife? Or the humans? After deciding on a category, it is time to jump into the details. For instance, if you are wishing to preserve trees, who will it affect? Essentially, of course, it will affect us humans, Volunteering Benefits the Community. But it will also help various ecosystems and habitats of some creatures. Prepare a detailed list of cause and effect that will help the investors see your way and make them want to invest wholeheartedly.

Assessing your efforts fairly.

Determine what outcomes you wish to see, and upon the visibility of which outcomes will you finally decide that your job is done. Define in either quantitative or qualitative methods what you desire to achieve at the end of your program, and once all those results are seen, you will know that it is time to stop.

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