Volunteering in India will be a life changing experience!

iSpiice is giving people from different parts of the world a chance to visit India and spend some time in the country. The volunteer programs the organization arranges for foreigners are to visit India for a period between 2 and 12 weeks. During the visit, the volunteer in India will have an opportunity to offer services to deserving communities and at the same time experience what the country has to offer. Anyone who has been in India will tell you what a wonderful country this is, right from its welcoming people to breathtaking scenery.

Volunteering in India will be a life changing experience !

Volunteer programs in India give visitors a chance to experience what lies in the Indian Subcontinent. It might be the only chance that one may have to visit the country on a low budget. Coming here as a tourist may be very expensive given that you’ll be required to pay for several services, some which will be subsidized or taken care of when you come as a volunteer. For example, when someone is visiting any foreign country for leisure purposes, a person is treated differently when it comes to the prices that they pay for various services. To travel to different parts, you’ll be a different price and in every case it is higher than what the locals pay. Accommodation and food for tourists are also at premium prices in most of the countries. Visiting as a volunteer, especially when it is arranged by a local organization, is far cheaper. One of the reasons that explains this is that the trip is arranged by locals, people who are well versed with the way to operate in the country. They will get you the best prices for various services that you need. When it comes to transport, this may already have been arranged or the person who will be taking you to the areas where you’ll be volunteering and they can bargain on your behalf and get reasonable prices. Accommodation is also provided; you’ll get the best and at the same time at a low price or as happens with those who come through iSpiice, arrangement will already be in place such that visitors will only need to check in.

The idea that you are visiting a foreign country may not be so pleasant. You may have watched on TV or read somewhere about India and its levels of poverty. These stories may be scary and horrify you, however it has been proved that media often exaggerate in their narrations.

Volunteering in India will be a life changing experience
Volunteering in India will be a life changing experience

The kind of picture that you create in your mind is totally different from what you experience. Coming to India as a volunteer will give you a different picture, there might be poverty in the country but not as it is portrayed by people. One would expect to find people who are angry and violent, made this way due to the challenges that they face in life. To the contrary, you’ll find very happy people. You’ll be inspired by these people, despite the challenges that they face in the course of their daily lives, they still want to smile. They are jovial and hopeful, something that may be rare in many of the developed countries.

These are vital lessons that you are bound to pick up as a volunteer in India. You’ll find people who appreciate visitors, communities which treat visitors well. Children who have every reason to smile despite the situation that they are facing in their lives; you’ll find adults who are always happy, people who are ready to assist each other move on with their lives. These are lessons that you’ll pick up, lessons that can help you change your world. Many volunteers, when coming to the country, come with a mentality that they will be drained as they will spend most of their time imparting knowledge and skills to the needy people but one or two months down the lane, the lessons they have picked cannot be taught in any classroom for a period of one year. You’ll leave India wiser, relaxed, stronger and more inspired. Come with an open mind, be prepared to offer your knowledge and skills to improve people’s lives but at the same time come prepared to learn. By the time you leave, you’ll have realized that there is a lot to learn, your journey into the world of volunteerism will only have started.

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