Volunteering and its Different Types !

It is a famous proverb that “God helps those who help themselves”, and this is quite true when we are going to discuss volunteering.

The people who sacrificed their lives for some better cause of society, or in helping the needy remain alive in the hearts of people and their name is written in Golden words in history. Volunteering is also such an activity which can keep a person alive throughout his life and also after his death. It is also an act that will help the doer in the world thereafter.

Different people or groups provide different kind of volunteering services keeping in view the needs and wants of the society. Volunteering can be done part time and also full time. Most of the people do it part time during the days of their freedom from routine activities of life.

Depending on the kinds of services volunteering is divided into following types.

1 – Traditional Volunteering.

It is the most common type of volunteering which has its origin from the past. In this type of volunteering, one works with an NGO without knowing the beneficiaries details.

This type of volunteering may either be short term or may go long. Their duration usually is defined by the duration of the project. If the project is short term, their duration will also be short and if the project is long term their duration will be long. It’s called traditional because of its origin from the past. Even in the old days, people used to help each other by volunteering.

2 – Internship Volunteering.

This type of volunteering is usually served by the students during their period of gaps in the studies. These are also called gap time volunteering because of their being done in spare time.

Students take much interest in volunteering to gain experience and to test the application of their studies practically. These types of volunteering are served in some special services that are related to the courses of study.

For example, a student studying medicines will do this volunteering service in some hospital or maternity home. This will give him much experience and knowledge of the field. The students with such volunteering will surely excel than all other students because of this volunteering. His level of confidence and perception will be much higher than others.

3 – Online Volunteering.

Another very good type of volunteering is online volunteering which is carried out through internet. These are one of the latest volunteering services because these were introduced after the invention of internet.

The invention of World Wide Web has bridged the gaps between all the peoples across the world. Now it is possible to carry out an online volunteering service by sitting in your home or office. This type of volunteering service includes writing, proof reading, making a website and many others without demanding the cash.

These types of services are also offered by high qualified professionals to earn fame. This experience of online volunteering, later on, helps them for doing proper online jobs on some platform and earn handsome amount.

4 – Micro Volunteering.

As the name suggests, this type of volunteering involves working on small projects. It is actually a sub category of online volunteering which involves micro projects. These projects may include online lickings, and clicking and many more. Sometimes, these small actions make very big impacts.

5 – Long Term Volunteering.

Long term volunteering means the volunteering services that continue for long time. These may include any type of volunteering going for long period. These are performed, usually, by the retired people or by the people who are absolutely free and want to do full time volunteering.

These are mostly related with educational and medical fields. Another volunteering that is also included in this category is that related with social lives of the people.

6 – Voluntourism.

This type of volunteering involves tours to different areas or regions for the purpose of helping the community. It is actually a combination of tourism and volunteering.

It teaches a lot more than other types because you get an opportunity to live with the people of that particular area and see their lives closely and help them. This increases your knowledge of the world.

7 – Project Volunteering.

It is another kind of volunteering that is related with a particular project. It automatically ends with the end of the project. For example, during the earthquakes, many volunteers offer themselves to organizations to help the distracted people.

This type of volunteering will only last until the rescue continues. When all the rescue activities are completed, the volunteering closes.

In the end, we can say that volunteering, in all its forms and types, is good for the sake of humanity and should, therefore, be encouraged.

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