Tips to Finding Volunteer Work in India That Helps Your Career.

5 Tips to Finding Volunteer Work in India That Helps Your Career.

While finding volunteer work in India may be extremely simple, it is important to find one that not just benefits your well-being as a person, but also benefits you as a professional.

Below is a list of 5 tips that you can adopt when looking for meaningful volunteer work that could boost your expertise and result in a better resume.

1. Determine what you wish to gain from this experience.

Before getting started with any volunteer work, it is important to understand what you wish to gain from the experience.

Are you looking to learn some new skills and have some extensive training? Or perhaps you are just wishing to gain emotional contentment from it?

There exist a lot of kinds of volunteer work and whatever your need may be, at least one category will satisfy it.

In order to avoid ambiguity which may result in you getting involved in a cause that you are not passionate about, it is essential to perform this step with utmost honesty to yourself.

2. What are your contributions to this cause?

What expertise do you bring to the table? Do you own professional skills of a doctor, lawyer or a nurse? Or are you skilled in various other ways?

It is important for you to determine what skills you can offer to the organization and its cause, and then it is your job to make them see it.

Is it perhaps your passion for children that is bringing you towards this field? Search within yourself for the right answers and prepare yourself to show it to the organization too, in order to make yourself stand out from the rest.

3. Do you hold the traits to handle volunteering?

Volunteering is not just any man’s game. It may be thought out to be simple and a task for just a couple of weeks or days, but it requires a lot of traits that some of us may lack.

For instance, only those that are patient and understanding can work in the field of volunteering.

If you find yourself getting easily angry and aggravated at the tiniest of things, then volunteer work is not your slice of cake.

You have to be extremely patient and compassionate towards those that you are helping, not just for your own welfare but also for the others.

4. Define your limits.

It is important to not overdo volunteering. You need to set yourself some boundaries and limits.

Not just yourself, but your organization and team members need to be made aware of them too. If you do not set out limits then volunteer work can completely take over your life, leaving you with no time to do anything else.

It can not only be stressful, but it may also cause a declining performance in your academics if you are a student.

Let the organization know of the amount of time that you have in your hands to give to them, and make it clear that you cannot do any better than that.

For instance, if you are a student or an employee at a firm that makes you work 8 to 6, then let the organization know that you are free only after it, and that too, for a certain amount of hours.

5. Do your research.

Be sure to research on the kind of organization that you want to work for. Know their accomplishments, their causes and their fee, if any.

You have to be sure that none of your time is going to waste and is actually being used for a cause that you are so passionate about.

Find out whether they support your cause and are working towards it. If you are certain that your efforts will not go to waste, then your motivation will increase and you will put in more work, yielding greater results.

6. Get started.

Now that you have determined your criteria and limits, and have chosen an organization of your liking, it is time for you to start working for them.

Submit a good resume, one that forces them to hire you without being able to say no. Do not be afraid of letting your passion for your cause show through during your interview, for it will impress the interviewees.

It will help strengthen their faith in you for the fact that you will perform your best no matter what the circumstances, and will also make you inevitably stand out. If you have previous experience with volunteer work, discuss it.

And if you find a fault with their current system or mechanism, then do not be afraid to point it out. However, do it while still respecting them and their decisions.

Make them see that you are capable of making sound decisions and will be a valuable asset to their organization.

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