Things you need to know while volunteering abroad

Things you need to know while volunteering abroad

Volunteering abroad can be a great experience for you.  It can give you not only friendship but also education for the rest of your life.

You may be volunteering for a program of your college or you may be volunteering just because you like it, it can be a memorable experience for you.

Here we will discuss about the things you need to know while volunteering abroad.

Read thoroughly your online briefing

You must be aware of the fact that volunteer program varies from person to person.

This is because a volunteer program that works for you may not necessarily work for another person.

For instance if cold and rainy weather does not suits you then winters time in Europe is not your cup of tea.

Try to learn some of the host language and pack a book

If you are going in a country and do not know the local language spoken there can be a big loss for you.

If you are unable to communicate with even the basic of daily life it can be very frustrating for you.

You should prevent this situation and spend time in learning the language before you go for your volunteering.

You can also carry a smart phone so that you can access some of the apps for verbal translations.

You can also make use of the Word Lens app which can change the foreign text in the text of your local language text.

This app would help you when you do your shopping abroad.

Pack light baggage

You should ensure that you should pack light baggage which can also save you money.

You should pack your basic things like socks, underwear, vest but you should also pack the clothes which you had bought at cheaper prices for volunteering.

Try to get information about the local medical system

This is very important especially if you are a woman. It is quite obvious that you would not like yourself to land in a medical emergency where you do not have any clue about making an appointment or paying for your doctor.

Even if you are able to learn about finding the prescriptions and buying some basic medicines it will be beneficial for you.

Everyone is not your friend

As a young and talented foreign volunteer there will be locals who will try to conspire against you.

Moreover there are some people who make their living by making fool of travelers from other country.

You should be alert and vigilant whether you meet with people on the street or when you meet people who are known to your friends.

You should also understand that you will not face this problem in rural areas but the things can be very different in big cities where there are good numbers of tourists.

You should not have inhibitions about talking to people

Well you should understand that if there are bad people then there would also be friendly and good people in the same area.

You will find some good local people who would just like to tell you about the famous historical building or the main food about their place.

It is a fact that people always want to talk about something about their favorite thing and when you are in a new place you would always like to meet them.   You should try to interact with people and ask as many questions as you can.

Carry a good camera

You should always carry a good quality camera as there will be many places and people that you will like to capture.

This would perhaps be a great opportunity for you. You should try to take some shots with your camera before taking it with you for volunteering.

Carry good quality shoes

The fact is no matter wherever you go for your volunteering you would be required to walk a lot.  You should try to get yourself good comfortable walking shoes and you should wear them before going for your trip.

Carry extra money with you

We do not know that what can happen the very next moment. Due to this you should ensure to carry extra cash with you.

You may require medical help or you may miss your flight or you may even be required to stay in a hotel which is above your affordable budget.

Not to mention you might miss your flight.  Due to this you should try to maintain an emergency fund and it’s not necessary that you will require this money abroad. May be you can use this money when you return home.

These are some of the things you need to know while volunteering abroad. If you are able to keep a track of all these things you can expect a comfortable and useful trip abroad.

Once you know the basics of particular country things become easy for you.

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