Teaching Internship Volunteer Programs in India.

Education is one of the most valuable things that any of us experience. Education allows us to expand our view of the world, explore our potential, and truly engage with the society in which we live.

For people who grew up in the west, education is standard. Most western children grow up just expecting that educational options will be open to them; and it’s easy to presume that children in the rest of the world are afforded the same privileges. Sadly, in reality, there are children across the world who would love to expand their education– but don’t have the opportunity.

In the developing world, and especially in India, education is harder to come by. India does not have the infrastructure, qualified teachers, or general standard of living that is necessary for a strong educational system. Although the system is much improved, and more and more Indian children are able to obtain a good education than ever before, there is no doubt there is still work to be done.

Be part of the solution.

If you have a strong desire to bring education to children who may otherwise struggle for access to knowledge, then it’s worth considering teaching internship programs in India. At iSpiice, we specialize in helping connect compassionate volunteers with children who are in need of educational assistance.

What we provide?

We provide a vast range of different kinds of education to the children that we help. As well as standard educational training in core subjects, we also provide educational programs that focus on computer literacy and women’s empowerment. We aim to provide a broad educational approach that is truly able to benefit the lives of the children we assist, helping to ensure a better country in the future.

As well as standard “book learning”, iSpiice also provide volunteer programs in India areas such as sports coaching. Exercise is vital for growing children, and sports coaching is a popular and useful way of encouraging healthy habits. Additionally, we provide private tutoring for any children who may need further assistance, as well as running summer camps that can be incredibly beneficial for both the children and volunteers alike.

Who can help educate children with iSpiice?

We do not require our volunteers and those undertaking teaching internships programs in India to have formal teaching qualifications or experience. If you do have these qualifications, then that’s great, but they are far from required.

All we ask is that you have a genuine desire to help disadvantaged children improve their lot in life and increase their access to education. You will need to be a caring person, compassionate, and have a high degree of patience. All of the classes that our volunteers run are small in pupil size, so you don’t need to worry about being overwhelmed, and there’s plenty of support and peer encouragement for all volunteer teachers.

What volunteering with iSpiice is like?

If you decide to take an iSpiice volunteer program, then you will be well looked after during your stay in India. We are an experienced provider of volunteering programs, and have built up a great reputation, as you can see from our testimonials from previous volunteers.

We try to guarantee that we meet the needs of our volunteers as best we can. You will be housed in a small village in northern India; the house is run by us, and is only used by volunteers. The house offers communal dining, meals on site, a recreation area, separate male and female bedrooms, western toilets, and even Wifi access as and when you require it. We go to every length to ensure that the house is clean and comfortable for all volunteers.

You will be sharing the house with other volunteers, so you can share tips on lessons and classroom management with those more experienced than you. The lively atmosphere at the house is guaranteed to make you feel right at home, and ensure you can dedicate your time to providing the education that children of local communities so dearly need.

We will also provide all transport from the house to the communities that you will be working with, helping to ensure your safety and protection at all times.

We help you to help others.

We know from our vast experience that we provide the right environment for teaching and education volunteers to make the most of their time with us. So if you want to help spread education to the next generation of Indian citizens, get in touch with iSpiice so you can begin your journey as soon as possible.

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