Take Advantage of your free time as you are Volunteering in India

Explore India while you engage with a volunteer program. Take advantage of your free time as you are volunteering in India. Most programs have free weekends or at least one day you can use for you outside the program. Get to know the culture to enrich your background.

Some volunteer programs make arrangements for you to visit touristic destinations. If you are coming for just a few weeks, that can be handy, as you don’t have to waste time on searching what to do.

However, when you stay in India for long periods of time, you can take advantage of self-exploring what is of most interest to you.

Next we will give you some advice on things to look for while you visit India as a Volunteer.


The Cultural Heritage in India

Culture is a very rich topic in India. The many tribes, religions, and languages make this country one of the most interesting places on earth. You will be submerged to the cultural heritage in India the moment you get there as you integrate to the ways of your host family.

A good advice is to ask for the local festivals in the surrounding area. They are millenary traditions that will show you some of the most interesting facet of India.

Depending on the place you are going for your volunteer program, the choices will change.

The best is to get involved on a festival with the locals. That way you are going to enjoy it in a meaningful way.

Paradisiac Beaches

India holds a reputation for having paradisiac beaches. You cannot leave without visiting the white sand surrounded by the sea waves and palm trees all around.

If you are a beach lover, you may spend there more time than you should. But even if you are not fond of the beach, you should go at least once. The coastline has over 7.5 thousand kilometers of beaches.

Some of the things you can do near beach zones include:

  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Surfing
  • Swimming

Certain beaches in India are also famous for hosting amazing parties all night. If you want to take part of it, we recommend you to go with friends. Going alone is risky, especially if you don’t know the area. Be safe and travel in groups. Besides, partying in groups is much more fun than going alone!

Wild Adventures

Living in the wild is one of the things of India that attracts many tourists. There are impressive scenarios that can show you how marvelous nature is. There are exotic animals all around. In remote locations and national parks, you can find the Asiatic lion, rhinos and tigers.

But the best of India is that there are certain species you can find on the streets of your volunteering town. It is impressive to see monkeys and elephants wandering around the streets. You may not have to go to remote locations to live a wild adventure.

Some volunteering programs are precisely about the wild. You can be part of a program to restore natural habitats, or take care of animals. Elephants are one of the main options for volunteering programs. There may be no need to look for adventures in the wild if you can have a wild volunteering experience.


Food in India is unique. The local cuisine is a merge of different cultures and regions. They use a lot of spices and other herbs.

Common people still cook complex meals. Do not miss the chance to get involved with food while you are in India. Ask for the typical dishes of the place you are.

Your host family is going to be enlightening when it comes to food. Observe their habits and merge into their culture. Food is an important part of life for people from India. Make sure it is an important part of your experience too.

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