Short volunteer period are also available.

For people who may not spare two or one month, and would still be interested in volunteering in India, there are some opportunities available that will fit your needs. There are volunteer programs that run for short time; some for one week while others between seven and fourteen days. You may be wondering what can be done within that period, but there is a lot that can be accomplished as a volunteer even for one day.

Summer volunteer programs.

There are summer volunteer programs that one can engage in when only available for aa short period. High school and college students who are on a short holiday can take advantage of these volunteer in India programs to offer the services. All that they have to do is start early bookings and preparations so that the one or two week programs are not eaten away by the time one needs to prepare for the activity.

It is also advisable to select a period when the weather is conducive so as to utilize all the days. In some places in India, weather can be a bit harsh and when one is not used, it may take some days to adjust. This means that a one or two weeks volunteer in India will be reduced by a number of days when one cannot work due to the adverse weather.

Medical camps.

Medical camps fit well within the short volunteer programs. These camps are organized for a number of days in a given area, before moving to a new place. Your services as a medical or health practitioner may be required for only a few days allowing you to rest for the others.

This means that even if the volunteer period is short, you can still visit some few places and get to know India. Engage in medical volunteer work and help people who are suffering from given diseases and still take time to enjoy what lies in India. You can divide your time in such a way that you are left with some time every day where you can visit at least one site per day. You may get somebody to show you around or pay for a guide. With this, you will use the time effectively instead of venturing alone in places you are not familiar with.

If you can do it as a group, the better but sometimes, one or two week is such a short period such that you may not have found a suitable travel group. Also, you may be working in different shifts such that getting somebody to accompany you for the walks or short travel may be difficult.

All in all, there are no limits as far as the period when one would like to volunteer, different programs are available, tailored to fits your schedule and needs. If you are only available for a short period of time, one or two weeks volunteer programs will work well for you. All that you have to do is plan effectively so that you can utilize most of the time doing volunteer work and still get some days or hours engaging in sight seeing or travelling.

Why to Volunteer in India?

Of course, India is far from alone in requiring the assistance of overseas volunteers. There are many countries throughout the world where the citizens face difficult circumstances, so why should you pick India? India’s problems are due in no small part to its vast size. With a population of over one billion — more than any other country on earth — and a vast, often difficult landscape, the scale of assistance that India requires is staggering to behold. It is thought that 20% of Indian citizens live in impoverished circumstances, which in a population of this size, equates to millions.

The need is very real and impacts a huge number of people.  It is also worth noting that India is a country where volunteering is a known quantity. At iSpiice, we have a long history of working in the country, so we know exactly how to provide programs that are truly going to make a difference.

Finally, India truly is a wonderful country. It has its problems, but it also has a unique character and charm that make it one of the most beloved tourist destinations on the planet. If you wish to combine your volunteering efforts with sightseeing, then India is absolutely the best country for you to consider. From the world-famous Taj Mahal to the snowy-capped Himalayan mountains, there’s something for everyone in India.

India has an estimated population of 1.324 billion, and many millions of those people live in poverty without much hope of improving their situations. iSpiice believes that helping those in need is a duty for those who come from wealthy countries in the West. Anyone who decides to take part in one of our volunteering programs will make a real difference, and they’ll also gain some valuable life experience in the process.

Spending time with people from other cultures is the best way to open your mind and see the world from a new and beautiful perspective. Choose iSpiice this year, and you’re guaranteed to have a positive impact on the lives of some of India’s most deprived women and children.

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