Problems you have to Face in Volunteering Abroad India.

Although volunteering abroad in India is considered very useful for the volunteer, yet there are many instances where they suffered a lot also.

It is always necessary to make a thorough research before going to volunteer abroad. This should be related with the area you are going to volunteer, the host family, the weather, and many other things.

A volunteer should always consult with his friends, relatives, his volunteer program members before going to volunteer.

Most of the people you will meet have positive experience about volunteering and will encourage you. But, there are some cases where people suffered and they think it as a useless activity.

There are many online reviews sites which can be consulted while choosing to go for volunteering. Some of the problems that a volunteer has to face are:

  1. Lack of Communication.
  2. Non Cooperation of Hosts.
  3. Various Issues about Placements.
  4. Not Enough Work.
  5. Financial Issues.

1-Lack of Communication.

The first and the most important that a volunteer may have to face while volunteering abroad is the lack of communication at the part of the organization he is going to join.

There are many such programs and organizations that do not back up the volunteers but leave them in trouble. Therefore, before joining the volunteering program or Organization, keep in mind the track record of the group or program.

An ideal program or Organization is where a volunteer remains in permanent contact whether he is travelling or he is doing volunteering services. Communication can solve many of the problems a volunteer is facing at a certain place.

Usually, larger Organizations manage this more effectively as they have more staff engaged with emailing, telephone, and other such facilities. They quickly respond to the queries of the volunteer while he is abroad.

2-Non Cooperation of Hosts.

The next problem that volunteers have to face while volunteering abroad is the issues of host families. These may include their non cooperation, stubbornness and many others.

Although most of the volunteers have positive ideas about the host families, yet there are many instances where problems created. Therefore, before volunteering abroad do a thorough research about the host family.

Also assess your basic needs as food, a bedroom, and a cabinet. Here one thing to keep in mind is that mostly you have to go to developing countries for volunteering, therefore, never expect to have all the facilities. Instead, you may have to suffer from many problems.

Ask your Organization questions related with host family that whether they have already experienced it, do they have enough communication skills, how much are they educated? The answer to these questions will surely help you in deciding to volunteer. Therefore, it is necessary that to avoid issues with host families always discuss in detail with your organization.

3-Placement Issues.

One of the major issues that volunteer often complained is the placement. They are of the opinion that often the placement of work is opposite to the place they were vowed to work for.

The reputed and large Organizations do have such problems. A volunteer should also make a thorough research for the company. He should check the following things:

  • How the Organization is vetted?
  • Is there any Onsite manager to discuss various issues?
  • Does the Organization operate through a website?
  • What sort of reputation it has in the field?
  • What will be my responsibilities?

Answer to these questions will make it easy for you to choose the Organization or program. It is also necessary to consult with the volunteers, who had performed with the Organization, about the Organization’s communication with the volunteer. The good Organization is the one which displays all the necessary and accurate information on the website for the guidance of volunteers.

4-Not Enough Work.

There is another complaint of volunteers that they are not given proper work but spend most of the time waiting for the work. This situation also arises when they place more volunteers at one place without estimating the quantity of work.

This problem can be overcome through taking a permanent work schedule from the Organization. The organization must provide you with breakup of timing to perform certain services. Also keep in mind always the schedule of holidays in the hosting countries.

Many volunteers make the mistake of going to their target place without keeping in view the schedule of leaves. The result is that due to leaves in the target place, there is not enough work available to be carried out.

5-Financial Issues.

Another complaint of volunteers is that the Organizations are charging more fees for volunteering abroad. Therefore, it is also necessary to examine carefully which Organization to choose and what are their fees. If there is some doubt, leave it and go for another option.

In conclusion, we can say that volunteers have many complaints about volunteering abroad but these can be easily managed.

Here are some tips how to start volunteering abroad in India?

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