Long Term Volunteer Abroad in India.

India is a truly incredible country. It is a country of spirituality, of history, of glorious hustle and bustle– though, sadly, it is not without its problems. Most of us grow up with a knowledge of the social and economic problems that millions of Indian citizens tend to face, and for some of us, that knowledge transforms into a determination to make a difference.

You may be familiar with that feeling; the desire to contribute, to volunteer in India and use your time and knowledge to try and improve the lives of others. Thousands of people volunteer in India every year, making huge improvements to the lives of Indian citizens. At iSpiice, we have coordinated many volunteering programs and experiences in India, so we have seen with our own eyes the incredible way that volunteers can improve the communities they work with.

Thinking of long-term Volunteering in India.

Most volunteering programs are relatively short; for example, at iSpiice, our shortest volunteering program is just two weeks. There is plenty that a volunteer can achieve in a short time-frame, but we have also provided options that can allow you to become a long-term volunteer abroad in India.

The longest we allow volunteers to stay with us is three months; a quarter of a year, dedicated to improving the lives of the communities we work with. If you have been looking for the opportunity to be a long-term volunteer abroad in India, our three month programs could be the perfect choice for you.

What life is like for volunteers?

As experienced providers of volunteering programs, we at iSpiice have gone to great lengths to provide an environment that our volunteers will enjoy.

You will be based at our Volunteer House, which can be found in the village of Sidhwari in northern India. Our location means that we have a moderate climate, so if you fear the Indian heat, you don’t need to worry too much, especially if you volunteer with us through fall and winter.

We are also well-placed for a range of day trips to popular tourist sites such as the Taj Mahal or the Golden Temple, and you can book day trips directly through iSpiice so you can be sure you will receive first class service.

As for the house itself, we have taken every precaution to ensure a comfortable stay. The house is clean and well-maintained, complete with western-style toilets and even Wifi internet access.

You will likely have to share a bedroom during our stay, but all bedrooms are same-sex only. As for sustenance, our on-site chef will prepare your meals, and you can eat in the communal spaces along with your fellow volunteers.

You will spend much of your time on one of our volunteering programs. We offer programs that cover a wide range of needs in the community, including educational efforts with children, women’s empowerment, sports coaching, and renovation work on public buildings.

We also offer assistance with health education, and even provide summer camps for children along with private tuition. As a result of this diversity, you’re bound to find a program that suits your abilities and interests.

After a good day’s volunteering, you can return back to the house and enjoy the lively atmosphere; you will have evenings and weekends off, so this is a great time to explore the wider area.

Staying long-term.

If you are going to be with us for up to three months, you will find that the house conditions more than meet your needs. You will also have the opportunity to bond with fellow volunteers, and develop strong relationships with the local community. You may even be invited for a meal by one of the locals. With all of these delights, there’s very little chance you’ll have the time to feel homesick.

The communities we serve are predominantly rural, with the main line of work for locals being the agricultural industry. When you choose a long-term volunteer abroad in India stay, you will have the chance to be involved in projects from start to finish, allowing you to see the progress that is achieved thanks to your efforts.

Long-term volunteering with iSpiice .

At iSpiice, we are committed to providing the very best environment for volunteers who stay with us for long periods. If you are determined to really immerse yourself in the volunteering experience and make your stay a long one, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you meet your goals. Visit us if you are looking for long Volunteering in India. volunteerindiaispiice.com

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