Learn Hindi while you Volunteer in India.

How volunteering in India will help you shape your life positively?

Receive while you give back. That is a good way to see it if you intend to learn Hindi while your volunteer in India.

A great way to do this is to enroll on a school as you share. We are sure that you will enjoy your experience at a whole new level once you get involved with the local language.

Course Opportunities.

You may not find course opportunities everywhere you go. If you chose to volunteer at a remote location, you might find lack of some services, including courses. If you volunteer close to a city, chances are there are plenty of options.

Think of this if you are looking forward to participate as part of a course. Most courses will take from 10 to 40 hours out of your weekly schedule.

If your objective is to learn Hindi, then we recommend you to look for a half day volunteer program, so that you get time to learn the language.

Another approach is to get to your destination (or to a nearby area) and enroll into an intensive course. You can look for this sort of courses prior your departure. Planning in advance is going to save you some valuable time.

Some course options will include accommodation. You can look for a highly intensive course to give you the basics in one to four weeks.

Make this your first approach to India so that you get to the volunteer program better prepared than if you just spoke your mother tongue.


The Advantage of a one-on-one Course

If you want to get quick results, search for a one-on-one course. This way you are going to get personalized attention and a customized program to cover your needs. Most of these courses will focus on your speaking skills. That will be very useful as you interact with local people.

The best of a one-on-one course is that the instructor will approach just you. You will learn faster just because you will get whatever is needed for you to learn it fast.

After you Know the Basics

After you have been introduced to Hindi, you can now go on your own. Ask for accommodation with a family that speaks only Hindi (preferably). That will force you to practice what you have learned. You will find them willing to teach you as well. You will learn more with your daily interaction at your adoptive home.

Mingling with the locals is also an excellent way to practice. You may not get a perfect grammar and writing skills, but you are going to get some amazing conversational skills. Breaking the ice of a language is what is most needed. Talking with local people will give you confidence and more!

Combining Volunteering and Learning

Do not miss the chance to practice your Hindi skills where you volunteer. We recommend you to look for a volunteer opportunity to teach English. As you teach, your students will teach you Hindi words in return. You will be surprised on how much you learn by teaching.

When you are looking to learn Hindi, then you will pay attention to your students as they are engaged on learning English. That will bring you the chance to take bits and pieces that are going to expand your knowledge of the local language.

Prepare from Home.

If you are not enrolling at a course in India, we strongly recommend you to learn some basics. You can prepare from home, as it is not necessary that you are in India to get access to Hindi lessons.

If you cannot find a school at your hometown, you can still learn. There are plenty options with online courses. You can enroll and start learning Hindi right now. That way, when you arrive to India, you will reinforce your knowledge. It will allow you to get a more vivid experience than if you go blank. Also read top ten things to do while volunteering in India!

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