Humanitarian Mission in India ?

Humanitarian Mission in India with iSpiice (Integrated Social Programs in Indian Child Education) is a volunteering organization that offers important global volunteering opportunities in India. While fulfilling the volunteering needs for the community development, you get the opportunity to experience the rich Indian culture. Projects that address the societal issues are the prime focus of the organization. The collaborative efforts pay off by slashing the poverty, criminal, illiteracy and social issues in various parts of the country. Humanitarian Mission in India

No matter from which age group you are, you can always find your placement in the Indian voluntary projects. iSpiice makes it possible for you. Get the valuable experience as a volunteer in any of the projects, which suit your interest and are in line with your competency. Students, professionals, locals and foreigners, all are welcome to apply at iSpiice.

Humanitarian Mission in India why to register with iSpiice?

iSpiice offers first-rated service to its clients. With professional expertise, they comprehensively discuss your skills, your area of interest, their ongoing projects, and provide all the details that you need to know to engage in volunteering work.

iSpiice works with the aim of serving humanity, which encompasses all the methods that could alleviate societal issues and raise the standard of living of the deprived people specifically.

What Activities do the iSpiice engage in for the Achievement of the Humanitarian Mission?
Work as a Teacher

Teach for India. As a volunteer teacher, you can work as a helper with the local teachers, assist them with classroom management tasks, and contribute in promoting gender equality and improvising the teaching tactics and assessments. In addition to teaching science, mathematics, general studies and music, you can also take up a role as an English conversational teacher.

Extend Child Care Services

Love, care, and attention are the much-needed services that the needy kids are deprived of. By working with iSpiice, you can lend a supportive hand to the kids, who are short on resources. Playing games, serving them meals, and teaching them are few of the services that you can render to them.

Encourage Computer Literacy

Computer education often begins from the very basics. iSpiice reaches out to the rural villages and help them in socio-economic advancement through technological education. Libraries and technology resource centers pave ways of economic prosperity for the local people.

With iSpiice lies great opportunity for the medical students to begin their internships. Being volunteers, they can get the desired medical experience to polish their skills and advance in their career. They get to work closely with the medical practitioners to offer them a handful of valuable working experience.

The volunteers working with the iSpiice feel secured. iSpiice gives high importance to the security of each of the volunteers, from the beginning of the project to its completion. It is a team of committed professionals who believes in being different in their services.

The iSpiice team trains and guides you useful ideas and measures that can make you to work to the best of your capacity as a volunteer. With them, you feel motivated and rewarded for your services. If the services and details have inspired you much, then hurry up to consult iSpiice to get the best volunteering deal!

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