How To Teach English In India?

India is a vibrant and colorful nation filled with rich culture. On top of that, the country offers a low cost of living – making it fantastic place to choose for your teach abroad experience.

India boasts a diverse array of geographical landscapes that teachers can enjoy. You can explore the Himalayas to the north. Or lounge on an exotic beach in India’s southern half. Big cities like Mumbai offer upscale lifestyles and Bollywood glamour.

From the urban centers to the rural countrysides, India is an incredible place to live.

Are you ready to launch your Indian experience? Here’s everything you need to know before going to teach English in India.

1). Budget Your Expenses.

To make your move to India a reality it’s important to be financially prepared. Most foreign teachers will have to pay for their flights to India.

They also may have to cover employment visa costs and insurance among other expenses. Once you receive a job offer you’ll have a better feel of your expenses.

2). Get Your TEFL Certification.

If you want to teach English in India you’ll need to get a TEFL certificate.

This will certify you to teach non-native English speakers. Most teaching placements in India require this certification or at least a college degree.

Your TEFL certificate will significantly boost your chances of being hired in India.

TEFL courses are offered online and in the classroom. Or, you can get take your TEFL courses at a school in India. Most courses can be completed within six to eight weeks.

TEFL courses in India are generally located in cities like Dharamsala.

Students do not need any previous teaching experience or foreign language experience to take classes.

3). Choose Where You Want To Teach English In India ?

Think about where you want to teach in India. It’s a large country with over one billion people. There are plenty of amazing communities to choose from!

Larger cities tend to have the most paid English teaching positions. New Delhi offers both TEFL courses and English tutor job opportunities. Bangalore and Mumbai are also attractive cities for foreign English teachers.

4). Start Job Hunting.

You can start your Indian teaching job search online or in-country. We offer several volunteer programs in India, including teaching English.

Some programs like My TEFL offer job placement help in addition to TEFL certification.

5). Prepare For Your Interview.

Whether you’re interviewing from overseas or in person in India, come prepared.

You might be asked to write a sample lesson plan, or explain how you’d handle a specific cultural or classroom situation.

6). Check Visa Requirements.

You’ve just been accepted for a job. Awesome! Now it’s time to learn about Indian visa requirements.

To teach in India you’ll receive an employment visa. However, you must have a tourist or student visa for six months first. Getting your TEFL certification in India can cover this time.

Indian visa applications usually require:

  • Two passport-size photos.
  • A letter from your employer or TEFL program.
  • A resume.
  • A fee of about 200USD.

7). Prepare For Your New Job.

You’re almost ready to begin working. There are some ways you can prepare for your new job.

Try and speak to some of the school teachers before starting work. This will give you a better understanding of the local curriculum. You can ask about your students’ levels of English.

Some Westerners are surprised by different school standards in India. You might find your new job has limited resources. Your school schedule might be unpredictable from day to day.

Most foreigners appreciate the ups and downs and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Teaching English in India will be a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Get in touch with us today to begin your Indian journey abroad.

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