How To Involve Yourself in Voluntary Work in India.

Be it on a career break or a volunteering holiday; anyone can make a difference through the many projects in India. Doing volunteer work in India can open your eyes to a developing country full of rich culture, varying traditions and beautiful landscape from one corner of the country to the other.

With 35% of the people living in poverty and 61% percent of children affected by disease-causing germs on their hands due to lack proper hygiene practices, there are plenty of areas where one can offer help through volunteering.

To become a volunteer, you must have the will to undertake any activity as an individual, a group or an organization.To volunteer means that you do not expect financial benefits in return.

One can volunteer in many ways and many different areas. For example;

Virtual volunteering -This is whereby one gives assistance on the internet to complete tasks for an organization while off-site.

Micro-volunteering -Involves individual taking up tasks in small and unpaid increments of time through a device connected to the internet.

Environmental volunteering – This involves a person or a group of individuals conducting a range of activities in administering and conserving the environment.

Volunteering in Emergency–Here, the volunteering group or individual decides to help out during natural calamities.

Community volunteering – This is helping out the local community in setting up small businesses to sustain their financial need in the long run.

Volunteering in school – This is volunteer work towards helping a school to run efficiently. It may involve activities such as building of extra classes or school feeding programs.

Despite India being one of the fastest growing economies today, many people are still illiterate and living in poor conditions. Volunteers are making a big difference in both rural and in the cities of India mostly.

The main areas that have benefited from Volunteerism in India are as listed below.

Women empowerment volunteering.

A lot of women in India do not have equal opportunities as the men do in sectors of education and employment.

Volunteers help to educate the women on their rights and privileges. They also give the women skills that help them secure jobs or work independently.

Supporting disabled children in the community.

The government of India has changed its policies and laws so that they can accommodate the young people with disabilities in education.

Volunteers extend their help in offering physiotherapy and speech therapy. These children also get a unique opportunity of attending school for education.

Healthcare and Nursing assistance.

Medical volunteers visiting India are involved in medical activities most of these are stated below.

-Supporting staff in the operations of the health centers

-Teaching the women on matters of hygiene

-Motivating slum people to come for free checkup camps

-Helping the patients in their daily essentials and much more

Supporting the orphaned.

Volunteers contribute in taking care of the children without parents regarding education, mentor ship, personal growth, and sports.

English teaching at local schools.

Volunteers help by offering their skills in teaching the English language to the local schools and thus benefiting the children in the schools.

Animal rescue.

India is characterized by a number of animals roaming the streets of small towns. These animals normally, do not have a place to call home or someone to take care of them. Some volunteers have been greatly involved in constructing homes and feeding the animals.

Supporting street children.

Street children live under very harsh conditions, No shelter, no medical care, no food, no love and even worse conditions.

As human beings, they need to be taken care of just like any other child out there. The kids are taken to shelter homes and provided with their basic needs. By offering this kind of assistance, volunteers go a long way in helping these street children.

These are just but a few of the many areas that volunteers take part in, in India.

The assistance provided by volunteers to the Indian citizens has been felt. Be part of the change and visit India as a volunteer. The non-financial reward you will receive will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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