Family Volunteer Holidays in India.

What do you usually do on your family holidays? Do you go and lie on a beach or maybe spend your time at a theme park? Some families decide that they want to do something more worthwhile with their free time, and find an experience that can bring them closer together at the same time.

Volunteering as a family is a fulfilling thing to do together, and it gives both adults and children the chance to help others, learn about themselves, and develop some essential skills. iSpiice offers opportunities for families to volunteer together and to have an experience you will never forget.

Why Volunteer As a Family?

There are plenty of fantastic reasons to volunteer as a family, whether your children are teenagers or younger, or you even take an adult-only family holiday. If you’re going with children or teenagers, it gives them an amazing opportunity to experience something new.

They will be exposed to a new way of seeing the world and learn about the way other people live. Volunteering as a family can strengthen your family bonds too, and help you learn more about each other.

You can all use your different strengths to come together as a team.

Is Volunteering in India Suitable for Your Kids?

You might wonder whether volunteering in India is suitable for your children. Of course, not everyone is suited to a volunteering experience, but there are options out there for almost everyone. If you decide you want to volunteer as a family, iSpiice will help you make arrangements that work for you.

We can advise you on which volunteer programs work best for families, and you will be comfortable and safe in our volunteer accommodations. One of the things you might worry about is safety, but when you travel with a company like iSpiice, you can be sure you will be cared for and kept safe.

Volunteering with iSpiice.

If you want to volunteer with iSpiice, children under 16 can accompany an adult, while anyone aged 16 and up can join our programs alone. There is no upper age limit, so you can have a multi-generational volunteering experience if you wish. Our accommodations are set up to give you a communal experience, which makes them excellent for groups. We will work with you to find you the best experience with suitable accommodation for your whole family.

When you volunteer with iSpiice, you participate in one volunteer program in the morning and another in the evening, and you can all attend the same programs to work together.

iSpiice fees include transfers, your accommodation, food cooked by our chef for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even Hindi lessons so you can pick up some of the local language. You’ll be driven to and from your placements and given everything you need to volunteer, including WiFi at our volunteer accommodation.

Volunteer Programs That Work for Families.

There’s no need to be concerned about finding volunteer programs in India that work for younger volunteers. iSpiice offers a range of volunteer placements in schools, child care, slum housing, and various other community projects. Programs working with children are ideal for families who are bringing their children along.

It gives your kids a chance to get to know the local children, make some friends, and learn about how Indian children experience their lives.

However, sometimes younger children might need some supervision, so it can be a good idea to arrange someone to care for them while you volunteer.

Enjoy Your Evenings and Weekends.

When you volunteer with iSpiice, you have your evenings and weekends free, so you can do what you want. You’ll have time to explore and to spend together as a family so that you can relax and keep experiencing new things. You might want to enjoy local activities on offer, such as yoga classes or shopping. Or you might just want to go for a walk or generally explore the area. We provide tours on the weekends too so that you can explore further afield.

Add Tours to Your Stay.

Our add-on tours give you even more things to do on the weekends or perhaps after your volunteering experience has come to an end. You can take a trip to the Taj Mahal or Golden Temple, or you could visit Jaipur and the Taj Mahal before being dropped off at the airport in Delhi. iSpiice can also help you to arrange onward travel so if your family is ready to explore some more of the beautiful country of India, we can make it easier.

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