The Enriching Experience of Giving Back!

Giving back is one of the most enriching experience. To be part of a volunteer program is a way to give back what you have been given.

India is one of the countries in which you can find some of the most rewarding opportunities.

Here is a summary of some of the experiences people from all around the world are testifying.

Teaching Children in India

The childhood in India is in the most need of help. You will be surprised by the dedication of the kids who are eager to learn. The kids are happy to receive what you have to give. In return, they will fill you with joy and energy.

Most programs are not meant just for formal education. Some institutions have developed true experiences in which their methods are bonded to playing with kids.

This means that the learning process is not done the traditional way. When children are having fun, they learn, and if you can be part of it, you will take the joy that you were giving back as you were making somebody happy.

The best of teaching is that you don’t need much preparation. Your current knowledge is enough to share with others.

Health Programs in India

Mostly health programs are meant for medical students who want to get some hands on experience. There are plenty opportunities to get involved with a health program.

With a local doctor as a mentor, you can learn many things related to health issues. Outside the boundaries of being a doctor, India has a lot to give.

Live with an Indian Family

The volunteering experience starts with your host family. Most programs make arrangements with local hosts. You are given a place with an Indian family that becomes your own.

Most volunteers testify that part of the greatness of the experience has been to be able to share a part of their lives with an Indian family.

The hospitality of families makes volunteers feel welcomed. You will be surprised how host families play an important role in the volunteering experience.

Most people think of their host family as if it was their own. That is because they are treated just as one more family member.


When you get to India, you are never alone. The institutions that promote volunteer opportunities in India make sure you receive proper orientation. Depending on where you are coming from, the cultural differences can be shocking.

That is why the organizers put an extra effort on orientation, which is a way to make yours a great experience.

An Experience for all Ages

Volunteering has become popular among young people between 18 and 28 years old. However, it is not exclusively for the youth. No matter what is your age, you can take an opportunity to give back in India. If you are not a young adult, that doesn’t mean you cannot volunteer in India.

If you are older than the average, you just have more things to share. People of all ages have started an adventure in India to volunteer in a program. Most adults who engage in volunteering go back home with the most vivid impressions. It is an enriching and enlightening experience for them as it is for young people.