10 reasons you should volunteer in India!

You have heard of volunteering in India and its impact on not just the society but oneself to, and wish to partake in it. But, you cannot find enough motivation to do so. Here is a list of reasons why you should volunteer, that will not only provide motivation but will also create a passion out of it.

1. It’s good for your physical and mental health.

Volunteering does not just impact those that you help, but you are also unknowingly helping yourself. It reduces stress, studies claiming that when your focus is placed on someone else and see the living conditions of those unfortunate, your problems seem tiny to you in comparison and you start to feel better towards them. It also improves physical health by making you do everyday tasks by yourself, like walking from one place to another or setting up your own tent. This provides you’re the body the daily dose of workout that it needs.

2. Boosts your career prospects.

To put it simply, if an employer sees on your resume that you were involved in some volunteering program, then it makes you a good candidate in their eyes. It doesn’t just make you look more creative in the eyes of the recruiter, but it also helps them realize that you have a wider experience and set of skills than the usual applicants.

3. Addition of new skills to your existing skill-set.

When volunteering, you are made to adjust to the changes and environment that you are given. This, in the eyes of a recruiter, makes you a better candidate because it will be easy for you to adjust in their organization. After volunteering, you are also better at handling sudden problems and dealing with different kinds of people with various personalities. Volunteering makes you a people-person.

4. Provides you with an experience in the real world.

As kids we would always hear that we haven’t figured life out until we’ve had an experience out in the real world. Volunteering provides you with just that. Get out in the world volunteering, find what matters and what doesn’t, learn to deal with everyday problems and find out how the world works.

5. Let’s you make a difference.

Volunteering is a way for you to express the visions that you have for the world, and helps you play your part in making it happen. The world may not be at its best right now, but whatever good the people and animals do have right now is because of the generosity of those willing to take time out of their busy schedules to help. It may not be seen as too much to you, but it could change the entire life of someone else.

6. Let’s you give back.

Volunteering is not about something that is mandatory or should be done to make your college application or resume look good. No, volunteering is about doing something that you’re passionate about and giving back to that cause. Find your passions, find out what it is you’d like to see changed in the world today and get to volunteering to work on it. The more passionate you are about a cause, the more committed you are, and the greater impact your efforts will yield.

7. Helps you travel with responsibility.

Traveling overseas to volunteer gives you purpose, and means that you are traveling for a cause and will be fulfilling responsibilities and duties. Volunteering abroad means that you are most likely traveling by your own, without the company of friends and family. This teaches you to also live responsibly by yourself.

8. Helps you form new friendships.

Volunteering from an organization itself means that many other people will be partaking in the same journey as you. People of different cultures get together for the same cause, and this helps you interact with them. Having a reliability in terms of wanting to give back will help you form better connections.

9. Gives you a sense of belonging to a community.

One of the main reasons why most choose to volunteer is to feel as though they are a part of the community that they are helping. This helps you understand the norms and cultures of the community, while also understanding their daily struggles. Provided it is done with a motivational and passionate attitude, your volunteering experience will be pleasant and memorable.

10. Gives you a whole new perspective towards life.

Volunteering helps you realize that there are so many other things in life to be happy about. Seeing how much more privileged you are compared to those that you are helping, you will automatically feel a change in your perspective towards life and even start to believe in the phrase that ‘less is more’. It will let you think of things in a 360 degree manner, and will let you make better decisions and prioritize them better.

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