10 Benefits to Becoming an English Teacher to Teach Abroad!

Benefits to Becoming an English Teacher to Teach Abroad

Imagine being able to help others and yourself at the same time! You can when you’re an English teacher abroad. Learn the benefits here!

Traveling is one of the most rewarding things any young person can do. Getting out and seeing the world is part of growing up.

Unfortunately, most people never get to travel because of time and money issues. Work and college become priorities while seeing the world falls by the wayside.

However, those interested in traveling abroad could take advantage of English teacher programs.

Essentially, you go to another country to teach the local population English. It’s a great opportunity to not only see the world but also make a difference.

These programs never get enough publicity, and so most people don’t know what they’re all about.

We’re here to change that. Get ready for our list of the ten benefits to becoming an English teacher abroad.

You’re Paid to Travel

Clearly, this is the obvious answer. Getting paid to travel around a foreign country is always an exciting prospect.

You won’t have to work seven days a week, meaning you will have time to travel around your host country and the surrounding countries.

Remember, most countries aren’t as large as the U.S., making varied travel plans much easier overseas.

It Looks Great on College Applications

Those of you taking a gap year would do well to boost up those college application credentials.

If there’s one thing both undergrad and grad schools love to see, it’s a well-rounded person

Traveling abroad shows that you’re resourceful, bold, cultured, and unafraid of the unknown. All things that come in handy in academia.

…And Great on Your Resume

If you’ve already graduated college, or are already thinking about job applications, English teacher programs make excellent resume content.

Much like colleges, employers want to see candidates who have real world experience.

Teaching abroad shows you’re able to adapt to any situation.

Learning a Foreign Language

Teaching English abroad invariably means you’ll need to learn the local language. Though difficult, it’ll end up extremely rewarding.

With the world becoming ever more connected, being bilingual will help across many areas of your life.

You Make a Difference as an English Teacher

Teaching the local population English, especially in impoverished areas, is a great way to make a difference in the world.

English is the language of global trade, and teaching young children to speak it will give them a serious boost in life.

Meeting New People

Traveling always involves meeting new people. There is an almost 100 percent chance you’ll leave your teaching position will many new friends.

Becoming an English teacher abroad gives you instant access to new people from new places.

Learning New Cultures

Along with meeting new people comes learning new cultures. Teaching the locals will undoubtedly give you insight into their culture.

In fact, we’d dare say learning the culture is crucial to your success teaching abroad.

The Job Market is Strong

There’s no shortage of people abroad that are trying to learn English. The job market is very much booming.

In 2015, there were approximately 1.7 billion people learning and using English worldwide. Finding work shouldn’t pose much difficulty.

You’ll Have Experience You Won’t Forget

Traveling the world while making a difference in people’s lives is something you won’t soon forget.

The memories and friends you make will last a lifetime.


Last but not least, becoming an English teacher overseas is FUN. There’s nothing quite like learning another culture and seeing the world.

Teaching English abroad is one of the most fun, rewarding, and challenging experiences you’ll ever have.

If you’re looking for a way to travel during your gap year, this is it! Get involved with a program and get traveling!

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