Summer Camp Location: Dharamsala Project Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

iSpiice run After School Groups and Summer Camps for the children aged between 4-16. This program is a great way to work with the children of Dharamsala in less formal settings.

There are several activities that one can engage in during summer camps. The children love spending time with international volunteers; therefore you will be engaging with a group that is already excited and ready to learn what you have to offer.

You can teach them English, art, drama or sports and many other activities. These are fun activities and you will be excited that you get really to enjoy spending time with the youngsters.

Private TuitionThey are eager to learn, inquisitive and excited. After-school clubs and summer camps allow children to improve their English language and learn new skills in activities that they engage in. As a Volunteer in a summer camp program, you will love spending time with people who are full of energy, exciting students and in a natural rural setting. This is a great way to learn about Indian culture firsthand through direct involvement as well as visit beautiful scenery as you interact with students from diverse backgrounds.

If you want to meet and engage with the children of Dharamsala in less formal surroundings, our summer camps offer the perfect opportunity. You can spend your time teaching young people about the opportunities in the Western world, and you can also engage in activities relating to art, drama, sports, and much more. These camps assist children in improving their English skills, and volunteers can help to complement the broader education of these disadvantaged people.


"Volunteering with iSpiice has been one of the most amazing things I have ever done. My three weeks with the program was both rewarding and life changing. My 17 year old daughter and I were well looked after, from the moment we stepped off the plane until saying goodbye to begin our own adventures. I was very pleased with the low cost of the program and how well I was looked after. Not only is ispiice an amazing way to volunteer, but it also gives amazing opportunities to explore the rest of India with many extra tours."
John Rodgers, Australia

  • Work independently or with a partner
  • Plan fun and learning activities
  • Meet with children daily
  • Act as a role model
  • Enjoyment of working with children of all ages
  • Fun loving and creative
  • Enthusiastic and friendly
  • Cultural Sensitivity