Street Children Location: Dharamsala. Project Duration: 1 to 12 weeks

Street children and families are a big problem in India, especially in urban areas in the rural states. By world estimates, the country has the largest population of street families and children; perhaps this is due to the fact that the India is one of the most populous countries in the world.

These children and families find their way to the street when they come looking for elusive jobs, after days, months and years without a job they turn to the street, here they get their food and shelter.

As an organization, we have been playing our part to ensure that these people find a better life. As a volunteer in India, your services will go a long way in improving the livelihood of these children and their families.

There are teaching opportunities where the volunteers can teach English and other subjects like Maths and Computers.

Volunteers make daily visits to the children where they also play with the children, teach them new songs and plays. It is an exciting program that engages the volunteers fully and also imparts skills that no classroom can teach.

Your work will, giving the primary education, teach them the English language, make them able to work on different sectors in future. Also, need to develop some basic skills and the ability to speak in the right manner.

iSpiice assists children living in a local Dharamsala slum with a range of different activities and support. Many of the children living in that area do not attend school, and so our volunteers can provide some much-needed education. We create a safe environment where children get the best possible chance of making a change in their lives.


"Having never really travelled outside of Europe, I was a little apprehensive before I arrived in India; however, I was quickly put at ease when I was met at Delhi airport by a member of the iSpiice team. I travelled with other volunteers up to Dharamsala, which is the beautiful location where iSpiice base is situated.

I recommend this programme to anyone who would like to accomplish trekking the Himalayas, feel a sense a spiritual enlightenment from the Golden Temple and finally gain a great sense of satisfaction from teaching English and IT to the children of Himachal Pradesh. For me, three weeks wasn’t enough time. For anyone who would like to embark on this epic journey, it will prove to be one that is unforgettable, rewarding not to mention challenging but it will be the best time of your life.”
Clare Nellist, UK

  • Visit slums with your guide
  • Assist in delivering nutritious meals
  • Develop educational activities & games
  • Show love, care and affection
  • Enjoyment of working with children of all ages
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Humility & modesty
  • Fun loving and caring