Health Education Location: Dharamsala Project Duration: 2 to 12 weeks

Resources remain a persistent problem in developing countries, with inadequate investment in facilities, medicine, equipment and wages for trained health care staff to work in remote rural areas.

As with any volunteer program the nature of work depends on the needs of the community and in Dharamsala volunteers work primarily with women and children delivering health awareness education in basic first aid, sanitation and nutrition – at different stages of development including pregnancy. Make community health visits and with the assistance of local childcare centres check that children are up to date with vaccinations. Deliver health awareness training through small independent projects and give short talks in partner institutions aimed at empowering communities to acquire the knowledge required to make quality health decisions.


"I have nothing but good things to say about iSpiice. The director, Varun, is the heart, soul, and inspiration for this program. I am a registered nurse in the US and was able to be a part of the Health Care outreach program. In my 3 weeks volunteering in Dharamsala we were able to go from house to house and to various daycares in multiple villages where we assessed 145 people (aged 13 days to 78 years). With the help of the iSpiice team, I was also able to learn some Hindi and communicate quite well with families.As volaxunteers in the Women’s Empowerment program, we were welcomed with open arms. I was honored to make meaningful relationships with both the women and children within the village as we taught english and did some health education, along with having fun playing games and exchanging conversation in English and Hindi.The staff at iSpiice is wonderful. They are attentive to any needs you might have and they are all extremely dedicated to the wellbeing of the beautiful people of India. This has been nothing short of life-changing, and I would recommend anyone who is interested in going to India to contact Varun and really experience all that India has to offer!
Nicole Schank, USA

  • Make community health visits with guide and offer health advice
  • Make referrals to local health professionals
  • Promote social and emotional health awareness
  • Deliver training in groups, at schools and community centres
  • Qualification in healthcare or health educationi>
  • Sensitivity to differences in health & personal care
  • Good communicator
  • Passion for facilitating change