I traveled with a group of ten students (as their University Professor) to serve with iSpiice. Upon returning to my university, my supervisor asked me for volunteer in India reviews. I simply replied: “I have returned a different person than when I left.” The staff at iSpiice is simply amazing; they provided for our every need! They were gracious, patient and hospitable. Most of all, they were a fun group of folks to be with. Being 55 I experienced the trip differently from my 20-year old college students, and the staff ensured that all of us grained tremendously and felt engaged. They made certain that we encountered that perfect balance of adventure and support. I simply cannot say enough about this program, the organizational leaders, and the people I worked with in India. I vow to return!


Having spent 3 weeks as a volunteer with iSpiice, I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wishing to teach abroad. The variety of volunteer workshops/programs balanced well with free time allowing me to explore and soak up the local community and culture. I also found the iSpiice team to be extremely warm, helpful and generous with their time ensuring all needs of volunteers were met. The absolute highlight for me was working with the children who had a burning desire to learn, My only regret was that my teenage daughter and I could not stay longer. John Rodgers – Please feel free to contact me on rodgersjohn@hotmail.com if you would like to know more about my experience.


I loved every second of the three weeks I spent at iSpiice. The program is so well organised with plenty of choices and oppurtunities to volunteer and make a difference. The hospitality and warmth the team brings to the program adds an even more enjoyable experience.

A highlight during my stay, was the opportunity I had to work with the children in the slums. Each day they greeted us with warmth and an incredible desire to learn. The experiences iSpiice have given me will be one I will never forget.


I cannot believe my luck in finding the wonderful iSpiice group to volunteer with. I had the most amazing month last summer, somehow managing to experience everything from achieving learning targets with different groups of street children to visiting multiple famous and infamous stunning gems of Northern India. The support you get and the safety you feel with the iSpiice guys exceeded all my expectations! As a volunteer you are greeted with open arms from everyone around as they are so very appreciative of all the time and effort you put in. If it isn’t already obvious I 100% recommend this project to anyone who wants a indescribably unique adventure, that will throw you out of your comfort zone in the best possible direction.


“India at its best. Set in a beautiful rural part of Northern India the opportunity to spend time with families and assist with improving their education and outlook has been possibly the most fulfilling experience in our lives. iSpiice, especially Varun, should be proud of the work that they do as without their foresight and passion the opportunity to volunteer and assist would not be there. Keep up the good work!”