Voluntourism in India

Traveling in India may not be new for you, because in your early visits you would have spent all your time visiting all the World Heritage Sites, by staying in the Porsche hotels and travelling in the most comfortable zone. Have you ever felt that you are missing something in your luxurious trip? Do you like to meet the local Indian community? Are you interested in learning the basic culture of the rural India? Do you wish to help and serve people, who are deprived of education, food, health, hygiene, house to live in or geographically isolated Indians?

Voluntourism in India is a concept, exclusively designed for the volunteers, who want to spend time with the Indians, who need assistance for development. Incredible programs are offered for people, who want to travel to India as a traveller or to spend time during the gap year or to take up internship programs in India. We offer you an amazing volunteering experience, blended with the Indian culture, which you will not forget, all your lifetimes.

Voluntourism in India

Voluntourism in India combines fun, travel, adventure, learning and volunteering, so that every participant has the complete rewarding experience and action. Voluntourism allows the travellers to immerse in significant humanitarian activities, all through the weekdays and enjoy the most exciting tour programs to exhilarating Indian destinations, during the weekends. During the weekdays you are expected to spend just 4 – 5 hours on teaching, spreading awareness or renovating older buildings. The remaining hours can be used to understand the customs and culture of the local people. The local field trips and discussions about local issues help you get the clear understanding of the condition of the people in the area, so that you can give your fullest support to uplift them.

Unlike the five star royal foods, which may not be prepared in the original taste of India, you can take pleasure in the authentic Indian food prepared with love and care. The staffs cook healthy and delicious meals, with the local recipes. Since you are among the people with different culture, for one or more months, the chances of cultural exchange are more. Teach them your skills and learn the best practices of the local people. This is the reason why the volunteering vacations have increased in number and popularity.

Volunteer travel India offers travel experience along with work experience. Many people who work on voluntourism gain greater prospects in their career. Further, in every program, add-on weekend programs bring all the fun you miss during the volunteering activities. They are filled with adventure and highlight the important places of the country. Voluntourism is definitely a fantastic alternative to the typical touring schedules and allows the participant to explore India; the local Indians and the heritage sites of India.

The most common reason why voluntourism in India is popular is due to the affordable packages. Unlike your regular abroad trip, voluntourism does not cost you an arm and a leg rather the NGOs charge for your stay and food. They are non-profit organizations and hence do not make profit from your visit.


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