iSpiice Volunteer House and Programs are situated in the villages of Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. This location is known the world over as a tourist destination. It is known for the magnificent scenes, beautiful climate, snow capped Himalayan mountains and tea gardens surrounding the area and being home to the Dalai Lama – he gives public teachings at his temple in McLeod Ganj throughout the year.

The iSpiice Volunteer House is located in the village of Sidhwari. We’re close to Dharamsala town and McLeod Ganj town – a buzzy tourist area for Indian, Tibetan Buddhist and Westerners. The place is full of life; it is a perfect place where anyone looking to volunteer his or her services will feel at home, away from home. Despite the beauty, Dharamsala has its challenges too; it is a place where people need assistance. The rural communities need assistance, and here you can help them uplift their standard of living.

Your volunteer services will play a great role in changing their lives. You’ll have done a great deal in making people’s situations change. The best thing about this is that your efforts will be appreciated, you’ll rarely be homesick.  Getting here will be the most interesting thing, you’ll fall in love with the place. You’ll like the hospitality of the locals, their kindness, love and humility; it will be an experience that can never be found anywhere else. The environment is welcoming, there is breathtaking scenery, and you’ll never forget about this location, it will remain forever en grained in your life.

You’ll leave a mark in the locals’ lives, they will forever appreciate the assistance that you accorded them, and they will always remember that you shaped their lives positively.

Volunteer in Dharamsala India

Many of the villages we work with are farming communities – hazy and sun drenched, complete with dusty roads, and narrow lanes, and surrounded by rice and wheat fields worked using traditional methods. Dharamsala, or to use its British name, McLeod Ganj, is perched on the side of a mountain in the Kangra valley, which is a part of the Himachal Pradesh region of the lower Himalayas.

It is ideal for the tourists, who are not used to the intense heat and humidity of the Indian plains. After the Dalai Lama took up residence in Dharamsala, numerous Tibetans made the long journey from the more southern Tibetan communities to enjoy Dharamsala temperate climate.


Volunteers stay at the iSpiice Volunteer House with the iSpiice staff. Accommodation is clean and comfortable with western style toilets, hot running water and access to the internet. We have separate male and female bedrooms and bathrooms – you will most likely be sharing with other volunteers.

The house is communal with volunteers eating together at every meal. During free time volunteers chill out in the large recreational area of the house – listen to music, relax and usually make lesson plans together. There are computers and internet available, this will allow you to connect with friends and relatives back at home.