Volunteers Working Abroad in India.

When you’re considering volunteering and working abroad in India, you might find yourself struck by just how many options there are. Volunteers are much needed in India, which is why we at iSpiice have created a comprehensive list of programmes that are specifically designed to assist communities in need and provide the best overall experience for our volunteers.

Who we are?

iSpiice is a specialist Volunteer organization in India who organise volunteering trips for overseas people who wish to help communities in need in India. We have our own volunteer base in the northern village of Sidhwari, where the climate is far more manageable than the rich heat of the southern regions.

We offer a range of different placements, designed to assist and improve the lives of the local citizens in the surrounding villages. We are also keen to ensure that our volunteers experience as much of India as possible, which is why we also offer excursions that can be enjoyed during the weekend time-off periods.

We organise day trips to famous sites such as the Taj Mahal and even Himalayan trekking experiences that are perfect if you want to see the famous, nearby mountain range in all of its glory.

What volunteering with us entails?

When you volunteer with iSpiice, you will have the option to select the kind of work that you wish to do. This can be based purely on your personal preferences, or even catering to a speciality that you hold.

We provide community assistance in the following areas:

Education – Teaching English.

Education is always a beneficial choice when opting to volunteer in India. Our volunteers are able to help with general education, provide English tuition, and even private tutoring to help bolster the confidence of prominent students. We do not expect our volunteers to have teaching experience; if you’re willing to be patient and have a good command of the English language, then you’re a great fit for us.

Women’s Empowerment.

Women’s empowerment is an upcoming area that helps women and girls take control of their lives. Our volunteers find this an unusual, but incredibly beneficial, area to work in. When you volunteer working abroad in India with women’s empowerment, you make a real difference that can help to shape a community for years to come.


The infrastructure in many of the villages we work with is poor, which is why handy people to assist with renovation can be so incredibly beneficial. We work on homes, schools, and other public buildings to help provide safe accommodation for citizens of the villages we work with.

Summer Camps.

Our summer camps operate much like standard summer camps you will be familiar with. You spend your time working with children, encouraging their education, playing games, and even supervising outings.

Health Education.

Knowledge of health and first aid in rural India is sparse. As a volunteer working in this area, you will be tasked with providing health education to communities, helping them to develop healthier habits in the future. You do not need medical experience to volunteer to work in this area.

Child Care.

We also offer child care placements, helping to lighten the load on local families. You will be charged with keeping children entertained, encouraging their education, and providing a safe haven.

As you can see from the above, whatever your area of interest, there is volunteering work that you can do with iSpiice to suit your preferences. All volunteers are appreciated and welcomed. You will be given the opportunity to select two programmes to undertake during your time volunteering with us, or opt for a general coverage that works within all of these areas.

What else we can offer?

When you choose to volunteer with us, you have the opportunity to work with a company that has a strong history of providing volunteering opportunities in rural India. You can rely on our knowledge and experience to ensure that the work we do has a positive impact on the local community, and be assured we also take the time to guarantee our volunteers have the best experience possible.

We also provide all transport to and from your volunteer locations, as well as a range of day trips that can give you the chance to experience India as a tourist. All meals are provided by our on-site chef, and you can make use of the volunteer house’s Wifi and precious items can be stored in a secure locker.

With iSpiice, you can be sure of a worthy, beneficial volunteering experience that will benefit the community and you for years to come.

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