Volunteering is normally considered a selfless activity wherein an individual chooses to work for an organisation with no motive of personal gains. It is widely known for skill development and is often intended towards promoting goodness and improving human quality of life.

Teaching is one of the most noble professions known to human kind, and praises be showered upon those who choose to volunteer and teach for a cause. There are many non-profit organisations which have devoted themselves to educating children and improving their language skills.

English is considered India’s 2nd language and is widely spoken across the country, however quality of spoken English is not very high especially in many public schools. Written English is another domain where there is considerable room for improvement.

If you feel you will be able to make a difference and teach the children simple spoken and written English, volunteer now and start making that difference. Although by volunteering you may have negligible or no monetary gains, the satisfaction derived from teaching and knowing that you are making an improvement in their quality of life, is a major step to knowing yourself.

Volunteering to teach English will not only benefit the students but also lead to immense skill development for both the teacher and student. It will lead to better career prospects for the teacher, as it will add to your CV.

If you are looking to volunteer teaching in India, you must ask yourself why you want to join the organisation. You could be motivated by one of the factors mentioned here, or have your own motives, whatever the reason know that you will be volunteering for a noble and important task of reaching out to children and the community at large.

Teaching English is no mean task and requires in-depth knowledge of the subject. Moreover, you will be addressing an audience who in all probability do not know much about the subject, and will have to start with basics.

Do plenty of research before you join an organisation, and don’t test the waters with both feet. Before you get your feet wet, ask yourself if the organisation is right for you. Attend as many training sessions as possible and broaden your skill-set which will help you get a job in future.

If you are looking to improve on a skill set, say written English, discuss this with management and let them know of your position, and your motives. Ask them to fit you in an area where it will benefit both you and the organisation.

Volunteer organisations sometimes have less than pleasant environments, crass fellow workers, slow times and bad management. All these factors might lead a person to give up and give up their employment with the organisation.

Volunteers are requested not to give up and patiently work with the organisation. They should get help whenever required and seize opportunities to work with the organisation.

If you are working elsewhere and want to join an organisation for volunteer work, start off with a few hours of work. As you progress with the organisation and feel you are ready to take on more tasks, gradually increase the number of hours working with the organisation.

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