Volunteer Opportunities in India for University Students.

University is one of the most important periods in a person’s life. It’s the time when you learn, develop your personality, and seek new opportunities that can expand your horizons. It’s for these reasons, and many more, that many university students choose to look for volunteering opportunities in India. At iSpiice, we are well accustomed to helping university students achieve their goals when it comes to volunteering in India. Read on to find out what you could offer and experience if you were to follow in the footsteps of other volunteers and spend time working with disenfranchised communities in India.

Who we are?

iSpiice are committed to arranging, funding, and facilitating volunteering opportunities in India. We primarily work with children in the Indian villages to the north of the country. These villagers face a tough climate due to their proximity to the Himalayas, and deprivation and poverty are constant blights.

We focus on sustainable, holistic volunteering programmes that provide real benefit to the people in the communities we help. At present, we are able to assist over 100 children per week thanks to our work and the commitment of our volunteers.

Volunteer in Dharamsala India

We also aim to be provide a complete experience for volunteers, which is why we offer a number of day trips to allow you to see the magnificent sites that India can display. We have excursions available to the Taj Mahal, The Golden Temple, a Manali Adventure, and a Himalayan Trek. Combining these tours with dedicated volunteering work has allowed us to ensure that volunteers have the best experience possible, while allowing the important work we do to continue.

What we can offer to students?

We’re aware that students have more rigid schedules, which is why we offer placements as little as two weeks in duration. Our longest placements can run for up to 12 weeks, but the two-week stint is suitable for university holidays and thus shouldn’t disrupt your studies– though if you want to stay for longer, we encourage that as well!

We’re an experienced company who have dealt with hundreds of volunteers, so you can be confident that you’re in safe hands should you choose to travel with us. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver all information you require prior to travelling to India, so you’re not left in the dark about anything. We want our volunteers to be aware of what they are going to be doing and comfortable with the requirements placed upon them.

A variety of different placements.

We offer a wide variety of different volunteering experiences, which means you should be able to find something that suits your interest.

The majority of our work is done with children, with education and work with street children a particular priority. We would be glad to welcome your support in this important area. We run English-teaching placements which are suitable for university students without teaching experience; if you’ve got the right attitude and patience, that’s all we need.

We also offer a number of opportunities to volunteer to work with women, seeking to improve female empowerment throughout northern India. This is important work that can improve the lives not only of the women of today, but for future generations of women and girls as well.

We also offer the standard healthcare volunteer placements. These are particularly suited to medical students, but this is far from a requirement; if you have a good basis of first aid and are willing to learn, then we welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer in this challenging area.

Finally, if you’re more a physical kind of person, then we accept volunteers to help with renovations and maintenance to buildings and facilities. Many of the communities we work with have little to no infrastructure, so willing volunteers who can help create better conditions for the citizens we work with are always welcome.

We believe we have a comprehensive range of placements available, ensuring all potential volunteers are able to find a placement they would enjoy.

Where you will stay?

While you may work in a number of villages during your time with us, you will be based at our Volunteer House in the village of Sidhwari. The house is always busy and abuzz with life, so if you wish to travel alone, you’ll be able to make friends while you stay. Western-style toilets are on site, and we go to great lengths to ensure accommodation is as clean and comfortable as you would expect at home. There are separate male and female bedrooms, as well as a general communal area.

All in all, we offer a service that any student should find attractive. Why not get in touch and begin your volunteering India journey today. VOLUNTEERINDIAISPIICE.COM

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