The Story of Volunteer in India Has Just Gone Viral!

In the age of social media, pretty much anybody has the opportunity to become virtually famous. There is no longer a reliance on coverage from global news giants for stories to become worldwide phenomena.

Thanks to social media, it’s possible to reach an audience of billions within the click of a few buttons. Consequently, any content that resonates with the masses can go viral. The story behind volunteering in India is one of the latest.

It’s not only individual tales that go viral. Sometimes, the biggest headlines occur when multiple smaller stories accumulate to create a buzz. Volunteering in India is one that has dominated certain parts of the internet in recent times. Here’s everything you need to know about the schemes and why they have become so big.

Volunteering In India: Opportunities Like Nowhere Else On Earth.

Most people have known about gap years for some time, and travel enthusiasts can take extended breaks in many countries across the globe. In today’s economic climate, though, taking a full 12 months out simply isn’t an option for everyone. India is one of a few countries to successfully adapt by offering much shorter experiences.

As such, volunteering holidays have become a winning solution for thousands of people. And they come from a range of different backgrounds.

India offers volunteering schemes of varying lengths. Whether wanting to get away for two weeks or spend a summer exploring the country, people have a variety of options at their disposal.

The diversity of Indian culture means that guests can experience unique adventures. The variance between specific locations is incredible.

Many of the volunteer schemes combine those tasks with more traditional holiday exercises. India is a huge country, which means everyone can find a location the provides attractive activities. Whether it’s seeing the Taj Mahal or Havelock Island, there is something for everyone.

The subsequent impact is that any visitor sharing their adventures contributes to the far bigger story. With such a rich variety of sights and experiences on offer, as well as the different projects, it’s no wonder India’s allure is so high.

Sharing Is Caring .

Whether it’s a blog, vlog, or social media posts doesn’t matter. Those varied accounts of fun, emotionally rewarding trips of a lifetime make for great coverage. Meanwhile, this type of media is often far more insightful and easier to digest than books and traditional info. This can encourage others to learn more.

Better still, the people that have posted those tales are usually happy to discuss their adventures with strangers as well as friends. This public interaction only increases the viral factor. Moreover, the potentially interested future travellers can sense the genuine enthusiasm. And when they do get round to taking on their own adventures, they’ll inevitably post their unique story too.

Gap years tend to be solo adventures aimed at self-development. However, shorter volunteering trips can be enjoyed by small groups as well as individuals. With this in mind, interested parties may well tag their travel friends. This sees the revolution of volunteering India reach an even bigger audience.

On a similar note, the size of the country puts India in a position to accommodate a far larger number of volunteers than most. In turn, the snowball effect ensures that the story of volunteering stays relevant and continues to grow. There are varying levels of viral content, and this story is one that looks set to last.

A Rich History In The Field.

The idea of charity is valued very highly in Indian cultures, and those sentiments go back for centuries. Since ancient times, the emphasis on helping the needy has been synonymous with life in India. As the world has become a smaller place in the era of tech the South Asian country has tapped into those possibilities of making it a universal project.

Volunteering breaks were possible in previous generations. But the internet generation has seen everything progress at a rapid rate. While this has been true in other countries, there is no doubt that Indian culture is built to celebrate and accommodate the helpers. As such, the beneficiaries come from both sides of the campaigns.

Crucially, the diversity of Indian culture means that charity is about being helping fellow humans. Barriers such as race and nationality needn’t be an issue for volunteers. While there are still issues within the country’s society, as with most nations, this is one element that tends to escape those issues. It’s thanks largely to those centuries of pulling together and being thankful for blessings.

The people behind those schemes are often rooted in those cultural ways, which creates the best experience for the volunteers. Projects and schemes based in India are often more affordable and accessible than campaigns elsewhere. Once again, this means that potential volunteers needn’t feel excluded due to those external influences.

Charity That Knows No Boundaries.

There’s no denying the fact that volunteering breaks are becoming more popular than ever. They’re more affordable, offer a chance to get an authentic experience, and provide emotional rewards. So, what separates Indian adventures from those enjoyed in many other countries? Many would argue that it’s the ability to boast a universal appeal.

It’s not just a case of breaking down those potential barriers of religion and race. Some countries make it difficult for women while others may cause unnecessary issues for those with certain outlooks on life. Respect is palpable when people take on charity projects in India, and that makes the situations far more comfortable.

Likewise, benefits aren’t restricted to the direct rewards of helping a community. Helpful visitors are treated extremely well in India. While this is true in many countries offering volunteer schemes, there are many where this doesn’t ring true. It’s also worth noting that some nations make it hard for volunteer workers to actively share their stories, which is why we hear very little about them.

Indian volunteer jobs are ahead of the curve in many ways. Whether it’s due to the natural DNA of the culture and the country or whether the people creating those opportunities doesn’t matter. One way or another, it’s having a positive effect on thousands of people each year. And it makes for fantastic viral-worthy content.

Good News Travels Fast.

Volunteering holiday experiences aren’t limited to India by any means. On the other hand, it is the country that offers an unrivaled opportunity to make a difference, even if you are only visiting for a short amount of time. This serves as a hugely rewarding factor for the individuals involved. Furthermore, it feeds into the viral content. We all enjoy the emotional reaction to rewarding positive stories, and volunteering in India produces an array of them.

People visiting India can support the communities in many ways. In metropolitan areas like Bangalore, teaching English and tech skills can make a telling difference. However, some of the rural areas may benefit more from charity projects related to the health sector or basic human needs. After all, seven in 10 Indians lack access to regular clean water and/or housing.

The impact of volunteer work in India has been amazing. It has improved the quality of life for thousands of Indians, including those in some of the most deprived areas. From improved health and diets to creating better career prospects, each warming story is great news. In a world where our sense of community is largely lost, this can bring a huge smile to the faces of readers. Still, nothing matches the smiles of those directly involved.

While the need for media coverage isn’t always needed thanks to social media platforms, many of the agencies are eager to share them too. Given that people of Indian descent live all over the world, many still have friends and family living in those cities and villages. As such, those ex-pats often support the work taking place.

India Still Has Room For Many More .

In many parts of the world, volunteering schemes are already close to their ceiling. Limited opportunities mean that it’s almost become a case of maintaining the good work rather than progressing things to the next level. While India’s volunteering schemes are doing some of the best work on the planet, there’s still room for continued growth and improvement.

India’s population is still growing at a rapid rate, and is forecast to surpass China to become the world’s number one by around 2025, which creates a whole host of new problems for the country to face.

As such, volunteer projects are always evolving. They continue to provide socially responsible travel lovers with the opportunity of a lifetime. Moreover, each new idea and success story adds to the overall viral impact.

The fact that Indian charity breaks have set the benchmark for several years also plays an important role. Projects in other countries are always looking to India for inspiration. Meanwhile, the variety of cultures across the nation ensure that those influences can be felt in both rural and urban locations.

India’s epic story of unity and life-changing journeys for volunteers and communities has created many headlines. Given the tests that the country faces, along with the great work it continues to achieve, it feels like the viral phenomenon is just get started.

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