Why You Should Consider India as Your Next Volunteering Destination?

India is a land of many dispositions, different culture, and a tradition. This is so amusing, and it almost leaves tourists fascinated and wanting for more. It has a steady pace of development and economic growth, India has gone through a lot of changes in the past years. These changes are good even though some are not good. Disproportionate expansion to a high magnitude and has brought Indian into the subcontinent. They face lots of challenges such as poverty, starvation in kids. The lack of proper education and suppression of women. They also have rare opportunities of development for kids living in orphanages. So, India needs a lot of support to raise the growth of its unfortunate and needy. In the earlier few years, the country has become a volunteering hotspot.

Is Volunteering in India important?

There are many reasons as to why one should volunteer in India. The population growth of the country has caused a situation whereby around 17.6% of the total world people live in India. Whereby 20.65% of them are the world’s poorest people live in this country. The unfortunate of the nation suffers from starvation, lack of access to safe drinking water.

The lack of essential health amenities and suitable housing, which cause the state of affairs of the poor people in the country, needs attention, care and access to the necessary facilities in life.

The poverty in this country requires curbing, the different and lively culture of the nation. This is another big reason why volunteering in India is crucial. The culture and custom of the country are inspired by the most miserable people, who are very friendly and hospitable. Volunteers who choose to visit with host families, during their volunteering period get a taste of the local values. This is a very genuine Indian travel experience.

Can you volunteer in India?

The least required age is 18 years and above. You can take up a volunteering venture that is offered by worldwide volunteering groups. The country is a welcoming country, and it hosts volunteers from different nations. There also many non-local Indians who are participating in the volunteering programs in India. If you are passionate about India and its philosophy should also engage in volunteering opportunities. It is a very inspiring and a unique way to appreciate an external culture.

Some of Volunteering Opportunities that are Available in India.

There are lots of volunteering openings available for example teaching kids English. Also Programs like women empowerment and street children. You can also work in an orphanage, medical training period, healthcare programs and missions. You can combine these with tourism over the weekends. You can also work on projects relating kids. These include spending time the kids, conniving fun and educative segments for kids. You also catch up and continue with the work done by former volunteers. You should make sure that there is a friendly and wholesome atmosphere. Especially for kids who live in the children’s home.

The volunteers in the women empowerment programs are supposed to bring a transformation in the lives of the subjugated women. They are also supposed to teach them some valuable life skills, impart education so that the can be employed and make a good living. The volunteers are supposed to consider the sensitivities of traditional Indian sensitivities before volunteering with kids and women.

Medical internship programs are also common amongst medical students. This will include professional internship programs which offer experience. It also provides hands-on training to those taking part as a medical student.

What Do You Achieve By Volunteering In India?

Volunteering offers you the much desirable global exposure. It is an opportunity to do something significant while traveling, develop relational skills. It also improves your professional skill set. When working as a Volunteer, you need to be patience, creative, hardworking, compassion and flexible. This goes a long way and is useful in your professional and own life. India being the country of irresistible diversity offers the volunteers an opportunity. This is to comprehend the unity in diversity philosophy of the state. The “Atithi Devo Bhava” is a conception of Indians. This means that visitor is god leaves a permanent impression on the volunteers for the hospitality of people in India is impeccable. Volunteering and traveling in India is a mentally, and spiritually rewarding experience.

Things you need to consider before Volunteering in India

You should buy compulsory tourism and health insurance to prepare for any emergency. Immunizations are also vital before traveling to India. Since a change in climate or alteration in hygiene criteria can affect the tourists. As volunteers, you should keep extra safety measure. So you should drink only bottled water and high-quality foodstuff to keep away infections. You should also be Culture sensitive and dress accordingly. You should not venture out at night alone in India. Volunteering in India can be an enriching experience, if you consider everything and take the necessary precautions.

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    Volunteers who choose to visit with host families, during their volunteering period get a taste of the local values. Volunteer will get a chance to help with the poor children in India with AVI