iSpiice offers a weekend Add On Tour of Amritsar in the state of Punjab (on the Pakistan border), visiting the world famous Golden Temple,the Wagah border and Jalianwallah Bagh gardens.

The Golden Temple is the most important site for followers of the Sikh religion and the serene waters surrounding the temple,known as ‘The Pool of Nectar’ even gave Amritsar its name (Amrit-sarovar). The Temple is testament to Sikh hospitality as 45,000 people are given a meal for free in the Temple grounds each day, prepared by 1500 volunteers. The Temple complex has four entrances
instead of the usual single entry and this symbolizes the openness of Sikhism, indicating that followers of all faiths are allowed inside.

The Wagah border is the only functioning border crossing into Pakistan and before sundown, and as the gates close for the day, it is the venue for the guard ceremony of the Indian and Pakistani army. Crowds gather here to witness its theatrics and the party-like atmosphere is the perfect way to start off your trip in Punjab.

Volunteers visit the Jallianwala Bagh memorial gardens where, in 1919 10,000 Indians were fired upon by British soldiers during peaceful protest. This was an extremely significant event in Indian history adding fuel to the fire in the fight against British rule and a visit to these gardens are testament to India’s struggle for freedom.